Lower wedding stress with the Wedding Calendar

A wedding calendar is a wonderful gift idea that you can give to the bride and groom a day before the wedding as a day counter. Just like a children’s advent calendar, the couple is allowed to open one door on the calendar or tear down one page in the last 30 days before the wedding and receive a small surprise every day. In the last hectic days before the wedding, when the bridal couple are already eagerly anticipating the big day and all preparations are in full swing, such a calendar can do more to increase the anticipation. Such a present loosens up the bridal couple before their important day and will certainly be remembered by the bridal couple for a long time.

In just a few steps to a great, self-designed Wedding Calendar

The calendar usually resembles a tear-off calendar that has a page for every day before the wedding and is counted as a countdown. Every page has something different every day, so the pages are not boring. The leaves can be designed with the following:

– a funny saying
– a wise council
– a suitable poem
– ideas and tips around the topic of wedding

This type of calendar can easily be created by simple means to make the messages a lot more personal. Those who are not quite the creative type can order the calendar as a finished copy online or buy it in shops.

Add small gifts to the calendar

If you want to create a very special wedding calendar, you can also bring small gifts to the calendar and give the bridal couple daily or for every few days a little joy. Giveaways such as movie tickets, an invitation to dinner, a voucher for a spa and wellness weekend and much, much more, can be used to make the newlyweds happy and stress-relieving in the stressful days before the wedding.

The perfect Wedding Calendar

The wedding is coming up and you do not know what to give to the bridal couple? Finding the perfect gift for the bride and groom is not as easy as you would imagine. Wedding calendars are therefore a very great gift, about which the bridal couple would be very happy. This is a very nice idea and is something very special. The bridal couple will surely be happy about such a great gift. What can you put into such a wedding calendar:

-vouchers for a breakfast
-a wellness trip
-tickets for a concert

Design the calendar according to your choice. You can make the wedding calendar yourself or have it made by a professional. Tell the provider exactly how you want the calendar. For example, in what color, in what form, how big should the calendar be etc .. Let your imagination run wild.

The gift idea for the perfect wedding gift

Another gift idea is a noble gift bottle, which is personalized engraved. This can either be filled with a fine drop or act as a gift of money with cent coins. The bridal couple will not be astonished when it finds hundreds of cent coins in the noble gift bottle. However, a wedding gift of this kind requires a lot of preparation time from you; Do you want to collect cents and fill the bottle? If you want to go a step further with the wedding gifts for the bride and groom, grab the gift of the present. With this type of wedding gift, the wedding couple experiences a very special moment that they will remember forever.

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