Tips for Decorating the Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is one of the highlights of the wedding. She majestically sits enthroned on the cake buffet until her big moment finally comes when the bride and groom cut her. At this moment the eyes of all holiday guests fall on the cake and the magnificent decorations are duly admired. Therefore, you should also come up with something special when decorating the wedding cake to inspire the guests. One can devise wonderful cake decorations that also match the wedding color perfectly. Of course you can also order a cake from the confectioner if you wish. However, many brides also make their own wedding cake and create small masterpieces with the decoration of the cake, which guests duly admire.

Decorate the homemade wedding cake – a masterpiece to be proud of

You can bake the wedding cake yourself or order a plain white cake with white chocolate glaze from the baker, which you can then decorate yourself. The following items are suitable for this purpose:

– food-safe cake ribbons
– sugar flowers
– glitter spray
– pearls
– characters

Before you start decorating the wedding cake, you should of course make a precise design of how the cake should ultimately look. The best thing to do is to make a sketch that you can work on until the perfect cake is made. If you do not have much experience in decorating cakes, you can also make a sample before the wedding to familiarize yourself with various techniques. Various videos can be found on the Internet, which provide instructions for decorating the wedding cake and provide inspiration accordingly.

Decorate wedding cake – beautifully decorated cake from the confectioner

Of course, you can also have a confectioner decorate your wedding cake and express your own wishes. You can choose a cake model based on pictures or submit your own designs to the confectioner, so that the wedding cake can be designed exactly as you imagined.

How many sticks should a wedding cake have?

Only you can answer this question. Normally, the wedding cake is up to three sticks in size. Who celebrates a big wedding, can still be added one. For a small wedding, however, a normal cake is enough. In both cases, the cake should look nice on the outside, but what’s more important is the inside of the cake. A beautifully decorated wedding cake will not do its job if it doesn’t taste good. There is little you can do wrong with a chocolate cake. Maybe you will also create your own recipe, that would not be a bad idea, would it? This allows you to add exactly the ingredients you want.

Make figures

In recent years, more and more cake figures on the top of the wedding cake or in front of the cake. It’ll spice things up again. Most popular are those where the bridal couple is represented. Certain scenes can also be reproduced, such as the marriage proposal. The bride stands normally and the groom kneels. Funny scenes can also be included.

Here you will find plenty of useful wedding planning tips for a successful celebration.