The most beautiful sayings for the Wedding Book

The wedding book is one of the traditions that can be found almost at all weddings. They often differ in their design, but all follow the same goal. Bride and groom wish that the guests sign up with wedding sayings in the book. This creates a wonderful memory of the wedding, which is often treasured by the bride. Even years later, people like to read about what one or the other wedding guest wrote down in the book. Therefore, as a guest of this duty should necessarily follow and decorate the book with a beautiful saying.

Wedding Book – How to design a spell for the Guest Book?

Usually, of course, it’s not difficult to create a few lines expressing gratitude for the celebration and congratulations for your life together. Again and again, however, it also happens to the most well-read guests that the invitation to enter the book is unprepared. You look at the white side and suddenly it’s like blocked. No idea for a matching wedding saying for the book will succeed. That’s why it’s usually better to think about what you want to write in the wedding book at home. One should think about the following topics:

– thanks for a nice celebration
– wish happiness for the common life
– attach wisdom about marriage

From these topics you can quickly make nice sayings for the wedding book, which is happy about the bridal couple. If you want to prepare especially well, you can also look for a suitable quote before the wedding that you can attach in the wedding book. Considering that a wedding book will serve as a reminder, one quickly realizes that the effort to search for a meaningful spell is worthwhile in any case.

The right design for the wedding book

How do you design such a wedding book? First, decide on a cover sheet. Get some from the internet. There is a wide selection of design styles. Then you can beautify the book with initials. Nowadays wood guest books are very much in demand. For the book cover you need two wooden plates. You then put paper in and decorate the end with the wood with flowers or you get your name mill.

What can you write in?

-Wedding quotes
-Wedding congratulations

Write down your own sayings and quotes. Personal sayings are always beautiful. Of course, you can read through the internet and collect ideas. If you really can not think of anything, offer your family or friends to help you. They might be able to help you then. Let your imagination run free and let something creative come to mind. Also pictures can be inserted. Guests can take the pictures with them or take pictures on site with an instant camera. But do not forget the glue.

Questions you can ask:

  • How did you meet each other?
  • How do you know the bride and groom?
  • How long have you known each other?
  • What do you wish the couple?
  • What do you like about the bride and groom?

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