Buy Wedding Almonds – The traditional favor

Wedding almonds are a favor that is becoming increasingly popular. The small almonds go back to an old tradition that was cultivated in the 17th century. The bitter-sweet taste symbolizes life with its joys and problems. The sweet sugar coating of the wedding almond on the other hand symbolizes the hope that the life of the bride and groom will be mainly sweet.

Beautifully presented Wedding Almonds

To give away the wedding almonds to the guests, one can make use of various beautiful packaging materials. This includes:

    • – glasses with cork
    • – bombing
    • – cardboard boxes

You can buy the wedding almonds with white or colored icing. Some particularly noble varieties are covered with chocolate under the icing. The gift packets with the wedding almonds can be placed on a small table at the exit, so that every guest can take one with them when they leave the celebration. However, they can also be placed on the dining table at each place setting, so that they transform into part of the decoration.

Tradition explained quickly

Many guests do not yet know the tradition of wedding almonds. There is, however, a nice way to explain the relevance of this gift. For this you can buy gift tags, which are printed with a “Mandelspruch”, in which the meaning of the wedding almonds is explained briefly. On the back there is also space to put the name of each guest and to give the gift a particularly personal touch. In this way, the tradition of wedding almonds can be celebrated together with the guests.

Wedding almonds as a favor

Everyone likes to remember a nice wedding party. Would not it be a great idea to give each guest a small personal gift as a thank you and as a reminder? It has long been the custom to give 5 almonds to guests for special celebrations such as weddings and christenings.

The old custom of Wedding Almonds

Already at the time of the Sun King Louis XIV, the custom goes back to give almonds to the guests for the wedding or baptism. At that time the candy box was handed over to farms, often in particularly valuable storage vessels made of gold, silver or crystal.

The “ordinary” people, however, cut the remaining tulle of the wedding dress into pieces and wrapped the almonds in them and decorated them with ribbons and flowers.

The meaning of the number 5 in the Wedding Almonds

Why 5 almonds? The almonds are the symbol of life. Life can be sweet but just as bitter, just like the almonds with frosting. Every wedding almond stands for a specific wish that is addressed to the wedding couple: health, prosperity, happiness, fertility and a long life.

“Planning your own wedding” Tips: labeled with the name of the wedding guest, the gifts can also be used as a place card.

Sayings for Wedding Almonds

A particularly nice word of thanks, z. For example, in the form of a pendant or in a beautiful cardboard box completes your little gift for your guests. Here you will certainly find your saying, which you can give your guests along with the wedding almonds on the way:

“Sweet and bitter like life
are the five almonds we give you!
Give the young couple five wishes on the way-
Health, prosperity, happiness, children and a long life! ”

“For you, dear guests, as a little greeting,
These are five sweet almond almonds.
Sweet and bitter, as life can be,
Take these bonbon eggs home as a gift today.
They represent happiness, love, rich blessings for children,
Health and success in all our ways. ”

“Five wedding almonds for our dear guests
a gift with tradition to such a celebration.
They’re bitter and sweet like life
stand for luck, love, health, success and blessing.
We got these wishes from you today for our well-being
as a thank you we give you these almonds as a symbol. ”

“Give five sweet almonds to each guest,
life is both bitter & sweet – keep in mind.
Five wishes to give the young couple on the way –
Health, prosperity, happiness, children and a long life! ”

For baptism and birthdays

For the baptized almonds there are also some nice saying variants that make the almonds more personal:

“Five almonds for my dear guests,
a gift with tradition at such a party!
They’re bitter and sweet like life
stand for love, happiness, success, health and blessings.
I got these wishes from you today for my well-being,
as a thank you I give you these almonds as a symbol. ”

“Our little one (baptismal name) is granted
Health, happiness and peace! ”

“God’s immeasurable goodness protect you from today!
Because never ends his favor, even if you are in his debt! ”

“Children are the greatest good on earth.

May our little (baptismal) name be happy! ”

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