Water lanterns for optimal romance for the wedding

When daylight fades, the romantic mood at the wedding is enhanced if you know how to use skilful lighting. For the outdoor wedding there are water lanterns that quickly make people dream. The pretty water lanterns can be placed on a pool or garden pond and spread a soft light that is mysteriously reflected in the water. If neither a pond nor a pool are available, the water lanterns can also be placed in large bowls of water that are placed near the seats.

Water Lanterns Wedding – An ancient tradition from Thailand

The idea of ​​the floating lights is borrowed from the “Loi Krathong” festival, which is celebrated in Thailand every November. Small rafts are made from banana leaves that carry burning candles down the river. Now the rest of the world has discovered this ancient Thai tradition and turned it into a romantic part of festivities. Today you can get water lanterns in different versions on the Internet and use them at the wedding party.

That should be considered when buying

When choosing the water lanterns for the wedding party, you should value high quality products. Some of the issues to consider include:

– biodegradable
– long burn time
– lanterns made of refractory material can be reused

The water lanterns are available in many different forms. For example, you can choose the shape of a lotus flower or prefer luminaria or square containers. It is also a nice idea that the guests write a small message on the lantern with a good wish for the newlyweds before the lantern is launched. This increases the romantic character of this small ceremony even further and creates a moment that the guests will also remember for a long time.

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