The groom wears a tuxedo at the wedding

It was actually “developed” as an evening suit, which should put the man of the world in the picture at dinner, at parties or dignified events. Today, the tuxedo has long been a standard dress code even at weddings and is the first choice for every groom.

Wedding Tuxedo – the right cut

The jacket of the tuxedo for the wedding is cut in one row or two rows, the lapel is silk-trimmed. Black or a very deep blue can be used as the color. Although you can wear it in white or cream in summer. The pants must always remain black or dark blue. There is a strip of silk on the outer seam of the trousers. And in style, the pants are worn without envelopes.

The right details

For a wedding tuxedo, men combine a special white shirt with folding cuffs. The button panel should ideally be covered. In addition, there is usually an elegant black bow tie.

So that the shirt does not bulge aesthetically when sitting, the shirt chest is often pleated lengthways or crossways and the trim is reinforced to just above the waistband. So the outfit stays in shape until late at night.

A cummerbund can also be fun

The “cummerbund” recommended for a tuxedo covers the transition between pants and shirt. It should be placed around the waist so that the folds are open at the top.

The cummerbund can be classic black. If you optically orient yourself to your bride, the cummerbund can also be worn in color. Of course, the pocket square should then be chosen in the same color.

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