Pretty ideas with tulle circles for the wedding

Many little things have to be considered for the wedding and this includes the packaging of the party favors. Tulle circles for the wedding are a wonderful idea for tastefully packing pretty details. The circles are available in different sizes, so that you can also wrap gifts in different formats. The packaging is very simple. The small gift is placed in the middle of the tulle circle. Then the edges are taken up and the resulting bundle is tied together with a beautiful satin ribbon. You can also add a card with a saying or the name of the guest. This creates a very individual favor that does not fail to have an effect.

Which favors match the wedding -> tulle circle

The tulle circles for the wedding are excellent for small party favors that can be easily accommodated in the bag. This includes:

wedding almonds
– homemade cookies
– small soap bars in pretty shapes

There are of course no limits to your own ideas. Wedding almonds, wrapped in tulle circles, are particularly traditional and have a symbolic character. The bitter-sweet taste represents life that contains bitter and sweet moments. The sweet sugar coating gives the newlyweds the wish that their journey together may be marked by more sweet moments. It is advisable to attach a small almond card to the tulle sack to draw the guests’ attention to the traditional meaning of the wedding almond.

How to get tulle circles

Tulle circles can be bought cut to size in different sizes. This is the easiest way to use tulle circles for packing because they are ready to pack immediately. However, if you also use tulle in other ways in the decoration and buy the fabric in strips, you can cut out the circles yourself with a template. When choosing the color, you should make sure that the tulle circles match the colors of the wedding.