Great topper for the wedding cake

One of the highlights of a wedding is the wedding cake. During the wedding celebration, you can admire it in your place of honor on the cake buffet. Many guests also like to photograph the cake as a reminder of the wedding celebration. Therefore, of course, the wedding cake should be designed as sumptuously as possible. In addition to many other design options, you can opt for a topper, which is placed on the top of the last floor of the cake as a connection.

Wedding Topper: choose a suitable model

There are a number of different toppers that you can put on the wedding cake. In the wedding shop online you can find a huge selection. So it is possible to find the perfect topper for your own wedding, from romantic to modern. Of course, this should not only match the cake, but also generally the decoration of the wedding. The most beautiful models include:

– bride and groom with cat
– tree motif with Mr. & Mrs. lettering
– love lettering made of wood
– bride and groom as a ceramic dance couple

You can also find out in current bridal magazines about which toppers are currently popular with wedding cakes.

Consultation with the confectioner

You should tell the confectioner as early as possible if you want to use a topper for the wedding cake. It also makes sense to return the topper to the confectioner in good time so that it can be attached to the cake in a professional manner. This way you get the best results and a durable cake that will still shine in full splendor even at the end of the wedding party.

Cake topper for the wedding cake: the most original ideas

If the wedding cake was previously decorated with a porcelain figurine of the bride and groom, today cake toppers are the order of the day to give the cake a great connection. There are a number of wonderful options for creating an additional eye-catcher with a unique cake topper. Various online shops offer a large selection, ranging from the noble and elegant golden lettering to a funny figure of the newlyweds. So you can choose according to your own taste. Of course, you should make sure that the topper also fits the theme of the wedding.

Homemade cake topper

Cake toppers are also a great DIY project where you can let your creativity run free. At a boho wedding, for example, toppers made from things found in nature fit. A sensational topper can be made from wooden slices, pine cones, flowers and fruits. If you are enthusiastic about lettering, you can easily make one out of copper wire yourself. Cake garlands and cookies can also be turned into a topper. It is also very interesting to use Polaroid photos as a topper. Photos of the bride and groom give the cake a very individual look and attract the looks of the guests. The photos can be put on the cake with small wooden skewers.

Here you will find a lot of useful tips regarding wedding planning, so that the wedding will be a complete success and you will remember this day forever.

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