A funny detail: toilet paper for the wedding

There is hardly a detail that cannot be planned perfectly at a wedding and this includes toilet paper. If you would like to elicit a smile from your guests, you can lay out toilet paper for the wedding on the toilets, where each leaf is decorated with pretty wedding motifs. This unusual idea is always popular with wedding guests and compensates a little for the fact that one usually has to expect a waiting time in the toilets at large celebrations. It is advisable to buy a sufficient supply of the special toilet paper so that all guests can admire this nice idea.

Different types of toilet paper for the wedding

Wedding toilet paper is usually a regular three-ply toilet paper that you can simply lay out in the toilet instead of the normal paper. The paper is available in various fun designs. For example, you can choose the following motifs:

– cartoon wedding couple
– lettering. “Just married”
– “Game over” lettering

Of course, it is also fun to buy roles with different motifs and to make the visit to the toilet particularly varied for the guests. So you definitely have the laughs on your side.

Wedding toilet paper as a gift idea

When you’re invited to a wedding, you’re often looking for a fun gift idea. For example, if you give a gift of money, you want to give the bride and groom a little joy with a fancy item. The toilet paper with the wedding motifs is also very suitable for this. This way, the wedding couple can enjoy a memory of the wedding at home even in the bathroom and always remember that they are now married. The toilet paper for the wedding is offered in individual rolls, which are often already delivered in an attractive gift box. So you have a really original article available to inspire the newlyweds.

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