Tissues for the wedding for the Happy Tears

If you are still looking for a perfect idea for a wedding gift, you should be interested in the selection of tasteful tissues for the wedding, with which guests can dab the tears of emotion when the romantic moments at the wedding touch their hearts become. At the moment of the wedding vow or when the wedding march sounds, the ladies in particular can often not escape the tears and a tissue can prevent the noble holiday make-up from suffering. These pretty wedding tissues are lovingly packed by the bride for the guests and distributed at every place in the church. So the tissues are at hand at the right moment.

Happy Tears / Wedding Tissues – self-made or bought

If you have time and a little manual skill, you can easily make your own tissues for the Happy Tears. You can make a nice envelope that you can decorate in different ways. The following are suitable for this:

– satin ribbon bows
– stickers with wedding motifs
– paper banderoles

So that the guests know immediately what the tissues are used for, they should be decorated with an inscription such as “Tissue for the Happy Tears”. If you don’t have time to make the pretty party favors yourself, you can also buy them in a wedding shop. From richly decorated envelopes to tasty banderoles, you will find a rich selection, so that you can quickly choose a model for your own wedding.

Make guests happy

The wedding tissues are one of the little things that can be used to prove to guests that they have been thought of in every situation. That is why the handkerchiefs are already distributed in the church and are ready for use. Guests are also the main characters at the wedding and deserve such little attention. You will be pleased with this little gesture and even if you do not need the handkerchiefs, they will certainly be useful in the future.

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