Thank You Cards for wedding

Now everything is done. You have the wedding behind you and still revel in beautiful memories. To convey your enjoyment of the wedding and wedding gifts to wedding guests, you should send Thank You cards. The wedding guests will be very happy about the Thank You cards. So you also show that it was a very nice wedding for you and you once again thank all wedding guests.

What should be on the Thank You card for the wedding?

For the Thank You card we would recommend a nice text or saying. He should not be too long. Short and sweet is often more. You should also have the date and location of the wedding celebration printed on the Thank You card. Very important for the Thank You card is the right photos. You can add photos or have the photos printed directly on the Thank You cards.

Thank You Cards Wedding – What you should look for?

Thank You cards for the wedding, you can order on the Internet at many providers. The selection is huge. Important is the quality of the paper and the price. A suitable format of the Thank You card is e.g. 10 x 15cm. So the Thank You card is not too big and it can fit the additional photos suitable. It is also possible for some providers to have a sample sent in advance before you order all the Thank You cards. To avoid bad surprises.

Photo for the Thank You Cards – Which photos should I choose?

You will surely have loads of photos of your wedding. In addition, you were the person most photographed that day. You should think carefully about which photos are printed on the Thank You cards or included.

A good choice e.g. are the photos from the photo shoot. Here you usually have the largest selection of beautiful and matching photos and these photos have most of your guests have not yet seen, creating a surprise effect is guaranteed.

We recommend you to select 4 suitable photos. The most important photo is that of “Bride and Groom”. That should be missing with no Thank You card. As a 2-photo is suitable e.g. a photo with the children, which also represents a nice family photo. The 3 photo is a photo with the respective guests and the bride and groom. Every wedding guest (wedding couple) can usually be photographed with the bride and groom. So you can put in each Thank You card the right photo with the matching wedding guests. The guests will be very happy about it.

Texts / Sayings for Thank You cards for the wedding

Here are a few examples of what texts you can use on Thank You cards:

1. What remains is not only the memory of our beautiful wedding day, but also the certainty that we simply have fantastic relatives and friends. Thank you for everything.

2. We would like to thank you for the wonderful day, which we were able to experience together with you and that we will keep forever in our hearts. Thanks also for the effort you have made … We will never forget this day!

3. A big thank you to all relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and neighbors for the congratulations, flowers and gifts for our wedding. We were very happy about it.

4. Thank you Our wedding was fantastic! You have contributed to make this day unforgettable for us. For the help and support, the many ideas and surprises, the numerous congratulations and gifts we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Our day was beautiful.

5. Our wedding was fantastic! We enjoyed it very much, with how much commitment you accompanied us on our big day. But a huge THANK YOU to all the relatives, friends and acquaintances, who gave us joy with flowers, presents and cards.

6. Now it’s over, it’s done, we’re married, you’ve seen it! There was a glittering party, top favorite for the ‘most beautiful day in your life’. We celebrated, danced and laughed, cried in happiness, took nice pictures. We thank all those who want to have made this truly great day so beautiful for us and did so with sweet words, gifts, surprises and pies. Often we will certainly still think of our dream wedding.

Buy Cheap beautiful Thank You cards for the wedding

After the wedding is over and everyday life begins again, the young wife expects one last duty: writing the Thank You cards for the wedding. Many guests delighted the bridal couple with their presence at the wedding, issued greeting cards and presented presents. Thank You cards are the elegant way to let everyone know how much they enjoyed the wedding attentions. For this you can choose a tasty card, or even personalize cards with a photo of the bride and groom. In this way, the Thank You cards for the guests are also a nice reminder of the wedding.

Important note: You do not have to spend a fortune on Thank You cards. There are plenty of ways to buy cheap Thank You cards for the wedding guests.

Finding the right words

When you start to design the Thank You cards for the wedding, it is often difficult to find the right words. You can be inspired by some ideas. Some good ideas for the card text are for example:

  1. –  “Our wedding was glorious and we thank you for helping make it a complete success, and we were delighted with the many cards, gifts and beautiful flowers.”
  2. – “Our wedding was truly the happiest day in our lives, and we thank you for the many wonderful surprises and for helping us celebrate a beautiful feast.”
  3. – “Your good wishes, which you have given us in cards and letters and with your gifts, have made our wedding an event that we will never forget. We thank you very much. “

With such words you express in a nice way to the guests, how much they looked forward to their attentions.

Handwritten or printed

Many brides today decide to have the Thank You cards printed with the text and then affix the name of the individual guest in the title as well as the own signature at the end by hand. Especially at large weddings with many guests this procedure is recommended.

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