Beautifully designed table numbers for the wedding

Many tables are often used for a large wedding. As a rule, guests are seated at tables of six to eight people, so a whole series of tables must be set up for a wedding with 100 or more guests. It can often be difficult to keep an overview. When working out the seating arrangement, the tables should therefore be numbered consecutively. At the festival, a table number will be placed on each table so that guests can be helped to find their place. At the entrance there can be a list of where the guests can find their table number for the wedding, or a helper can give each guest their table number and thus help to find the seats quickly.

Diversified wedding table numbers

The wedding table numbers should be beautiful and imaginative, so that they become part of the table decoration. There are many excellent ideas with which you can make the table numbers yourself. One should note:

– table numbers must be clearly visible
– combined in style and color with the table decoration
– set up in logical sequence

A particularly nice and easy-to-implement idea is to label wooden spoons with the table number and place them on the table in a decorative bottle or glass vase. This idea is particularly suitable for rustic weddings. A small slate that you can find in wedding shops is always popular. This is labeled with chalk. You can also label pretty bottles with the table number or make hearts out of strong paper on which you write the table number. The hearts are attached to a stem and can be put in a flower arrangement. However, it should be noted that the number stands out well and is easy to recognize. A particularly noble idea is to provide a decorative plate with the table number for the wedding and place it on a plate stand in the middle of the table.

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