Table decoration for the wedding

The table decoration is pretty much the most important decorative element in the whole wedding party. The large covered table attracts everyone’s attention, which is why you should also make sure that it looks good. Since there are countless different ways to design them, there are many things you can do wrong. Below I will give you some tips and advice on how your table decoration is guaranteed not to be a failure.

Wedding Table Decorations – Find a motto or style

If you have decided to have a motto for your wedding, this should also be reflected in the table decoration. You will definitely have it easier if you have a motto you can build on. But this should also run through the whole decoration and give a beautiful, well harmonizing overall picture. If you don’t base your wedding on a certain motto, it is of course not a problem. However, you then have an almost infinite choice of decoration options.

However, three styles have established themselves. These are classic, glamorous and unusual decorations. There are also many options with this selection, so you should look for suggestions in books, magazines or on the Internet. You can also ask friends or family for advice. But what ultimately counts is that the bride and groom like it. If you want to keep it simple, you can stick to a certain color scheme. This should also last through the entire decoration and furnishing of the wedding location. If you need help with this, there is still the option of getting advice from professionals. However, it is important that you stick to a style / motto and do not start to mix everything up colorfully.

Components of the table decoration

The centerpiece

A table decoration includes many components, such as the dishes, flowers, the tablecloth or simply little things that round off the look. You should note that the table will not be overloaded. Guests must also have room to eat. Because you don’t want to have the decoration removed for eating. Another disruptive factor would be arrangements that are quite high. As a result, guests may be disturbed in their conversations. That is why flower arrangements are usually offered flat and elongated.

The center piece is the centerpiece of the table decoration and is usually a larger floral arrangement, which is upgraded with candles or other elements. The shape of this core piece varies depending on the shape of the table. With a round table, you can put a large, round arrangement in the middle. With an oval table, you can either set up a round or somewhat longer arrangement. If you have elongated tables, you can also do without a center piece for reasons of space. Instead, you can put up flower ribbons or individual beautiful flower arrangements.

The finishing touch

Scatter decoration is often used to give the whole thing a finishing touch. However, you should make sure that they are in the middle of the table, otherwise you can quickly be scattered all over the table and floor. Candles should not be missing on any wedding table either, because they provide the necessary romance. When choosing, you have to consider how big the table is. Large candlesticks should only be used on large tables, otherwise there is a risk that they could be knocked over. There are also beautiful lanterns that should be used if you don’t have as much space. You should also make sure that there is no increased risk of fire in your location if it is a wooden structure.

Place cards, menu cards and napkins should not be missing. Since these do not always look nice, you should look for a few suggestions on the Internet or magazines. With beautiful folding techniques, your napkins will also be an eye-catcher on the table. If you want to have beautiful cards, you can either order them online or simply design and print them yourself.

Always keep in mind that less is more. Many different elements are used, so you shouldn’t get too much. After all, your guests must also have space on the table.

The interplay between decoration and location

Even the best motto for decoration is useless if there is no possibility to implement it at the selected location. The location is probably the most important part of the decoration, because without it you don’t even have anything to decorate. Therefore, before you start planning the decoration, you should first think about a nice location. On this you can then build your ideas for a beautiful decoration. There are different types of locations such as in a castle, garden or simply in a beautiful hall. A different decoration can look better at every location.

But before you start planning the optics, you should first ask the owner of the location a few questions. First you need to know for how many people there are tables and chairs and whether they have crockery to borrow or chandeliers or you need to get something yourself. The room will probably not be completely empty either, but will have existing decorations such as paintings or. In any case, you should clarify beforehand whether you can remove the decoration if necessary. You should note that if your location is generally a bit more spectacular and pompous, you should use a more subtle table decoration. If the location is simple and doesn’t really have many of its own decorations, you can let off some steam with the decorations.

Table decoration according to the season

If you get married in spring, you have the opportunity to get involved in a decoration with seasonal flowers. Since everything blooms in spring, you have a large selection of flowers. Flowers in pastel shades are particularly popular, which you can complete with delicate materials or motifs that fit the season. But the other seasons also have their advantages. In summer you can use bright colors for the decoration to get nice summer feelings. In autumn you can keep everything in shades of brown and red. Leaves, berries or nuts can be used to decorate the tables. If you get married in winter, you can create a beautiful, elegant flair with white, silver and gold tones. You can also use stars, fir branches, candles or powdered sugar to enhance the winter mood.

Get table decorations

DIY decoration

If you don’t have a very high budget for your table decoration or just like to tinker, you can simply make it yourself. If you have a certain idea of ​​what you want, but simply cannot find the right elements, you can also take action yourself. There are so many different materials you can use to make something. You don’t always have to do something very complex. It can also be simply garlands or floral arrangements. But you can also let off steam creatively, for example when it comes to place cards. You don’t have to do everything alone. If you need help, you can simply ask parents, groomsmen, or friends to help you. If you have no concrete idea of ​​what you want to do, there are still countless videos and instructions on the Internet that present DIY ideas on this topic.

Cheap decorations

If you do not have the budget to buy a nice table decoration, but also have no creative minds, you can order the table decorations online. Due to the large offer, many pages offer your decorations very cheap. You can also look at product reviews to see if they promise what you see at first glance. It is also easier to compare the prices on the individual pages to get bargains.

Table decoration for your wedding location

When it comes to the perfect table decoration, there are almost endless possibilities – and a very big danger: namely to overdo it!

So that your guests do not “disappear” behind pompous flower arrangements and candlesticks, note above all that the planned table decoration for the wedding not only looks great from a standing stand, but also decorates while sitting without being in the way.

Sufficient scope

One of the basic things when decorating a table is to leave every guest enough space for place settings, glasses and cutlery. Too generously distributed scatter jewelry such as pearls, tinsel or petals can also be uncomfortably narrow as table decorations.

Adapted to the style or the specific motto of the wedding celebration should of course result in a harmonious overall picture. And that initially depends on the wedding location itself. The more neutral this looks, the more flowers should be used in your table decoration. Accordingly, you shouldn’t overload this particularly splendid halls with too many flowers.

Nice table decoration for every budget

Whether you want to carry out the table decoration yourself or commission the wedding location team or your florist to do so naturally also makes a noticeable difference financially. If you do it yourself – perhaps with a decoration team made up of family and friends – you can create a dignified atmosphere with little means.

The tips that help you save include e.g. only use seasonal flowers for the table decoration. Floating candles or tea lights in decorative bowls create a nice atmosphere with little effort. Where the style of the wedding as a whole allows, branches, stones or leaves collected during one or the other walk can also be used for the table decoration.

And the cleverly arranged flower arrangements for the church are carried out in such a way that they can also be taken away and used for table decorations.

Decide little things

The wedding table is basically prepared with place settings, glasses and flowers. The details that are decisive for the certain glamor factor should raise the overall impression, but should in no way play a prominent role.

Skillfully distributed candles, ribbons or color-coordinated table runners set precisely those accents that make a perfect table decoration. And, as I said, especially where style and class are concerned, the following applies above all: less is sometimes more!

Unusual ideas for the table decoration wedding

The wedding dinner is one of the highlights of the celebration. Guests sit down at nicely equipped tables and enjoy a special menu. When chatting and joking, you like to sit at the table after eating. The festive table is the focus of attention for a long time. Therefore, the bride also tries to plan her table decoration as individually as possible and to impress the guests with it.

Inspiration for beautifully laid tables

In the “Wedding table decoration” category you can get the most interesting suggestions for a table decoration for the wedding that is extraordinary and individual. So it is possible to let your own sense of style flow into the decoration of the holiday table. You choose from items like:

    • – fairy lights
    • – table confetti
    • – name cards

One should take the time to plan the table decoration for the wedding exactly. Small details can make a big impact. However, it is important to ensure that the table does not appear overloaded. It is advisable to plan the whole table before you start buying the individual details.

Perfect color combination for the table

When choosing the items for the table decoration of the wedding, you should definitely think about the color theme of the wedding. The table decoration should harmonize with these colors. This includes the porcelain that is used, as well as the serviettes, name cards and other small items such as sparkling decorative stones or tea lights.

Important to note!

If you want to make your table decoration special, you should make sure that it is not too special, so that it looks more strange and out of place. Even custom table decorations for weddings should still be practical so that they are not half the table or too high. You could also make a special table decoration useful, so that you can design the table cards, for example, because you kill two birds with one stone.

Here you will find useful tips regarding wedding planning.