Indulge with sweets and drops for wedding guests

Sweets are popular with young and old alike and inspire the guests at a wedding. Nobody needs to count calories for such a special occasion. To spoil the wedding guests with the most beautiful sweets is certainly a good impression. A wonderful idea, for example, is a candy bar that you can set up next to the cake buffet. There you can offer the guests of chewing gum from an original gumball machine to fine chocolates everything your heart desires. No wonder the Candy Bar is enjoying increasing popularity at the wedding today.

Sweets wedding – party favor

At most weddings, it is customary to give the guests small attentions on the way. Candy and drops for wedding are wonderful as a gift and can be put together in a variety of ways:

– personalized chocolate with wedding image
– cookies in decorative cellophane sachets
– heart boxes with wedding sweets
– basket with wedding almonds

You can place these beautifully wrapped favors on a table near the exit so that each guest can help themselves when leaving the party. Often it is also common to place the small candies in each place on the board before the wedding so that they also contribute to the decoration. zur Dekoration beitragen.

Wedding almonds – candy with tradition

As an old wedding custom and a present, the wedding almonds are among the very special sweets and drops for the wedding. For centuries, the almonds with their bitter-sweet taste compared with the marriage. Even in a marriage, not everything is sweet for known. Bitter moments and sweet moments alternate with each other. However, to wish the bride and groom more sweet than bitter moments, it is customary to coat the almonds with a fine sugar coat. In pretty packaging such as cups, cans or glasses, this typical candy wedding is often used as a gift. This custom also exists in many other countries, such as Italy or Greece.

Framing sweets for wedding

Everyone loves sweets and is simply part of a wedding. They can be used perfectly for the decoration and therefore they not only look great, but also the guests can snack in between times. The candies can be used as a perfect table decoration or as already mentioned as a gift. The candies can be ordered with initials of the bride and groom, so sweets are a personal gift. For larger sweets looks a printed image of the bride and groom enchanting. The candies are available in different colors, sizes and shapes.

The famous Candy Bar

The candy bar is a great way for any wedding. It has become increasingly popular in recent years and is often seen at weddings. Above all, the invited guests are happy. It is a great highlight. You can set up the bar yourself. You need a big table with different sweets. The sweets are usually put into glasses, where the guests can serve themselves. It is also practical if you put plastic gloves or a small shovel so that you do not touch the sweets in the glasses with your hands and thus comply with hygiene standards. Small cups or sacks should not be missing. Design the Candy Bar with different sweets and your wedding guests will be happy about it.

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