Suspenders as a beautiful accessory for the wedding

Not only the bride works months before the wedding to put together her outfit for the wedding. The groom also wants to achieve a perfect look with a range of great accessories, with which he can impress both his bride and the guests. Suspenders, once a symbol of the working class, have long since swung themselves into a fashionable accessory that has a decorative function in addition to its practical value. When putting together the wedding outfit, you should not miss choosing a few chic suspenders.

Choose the right suspenders for the wedding

If you start looking for suspenders for the wedding, you will quickly find that there is a huge selection of models. In addition to traditional black and white, suspenders can be found in:

– full colors like red
– striped
– provided with unusual patterns

When choosing, you can of course choose your taste. However, one should always note that the suspenders also fit the rest of the outfit. A color combination with the tie or bow tie is particularly elegant. Therefore, you should take your time when choosing and if possible buy the accessories together so that they fit together well. If you are unsure, you can always find advice from the men’s outfitter.

Suspenders for the wedding guests

While the suspenders are of course hidden under the vest and suit jacket at the wedding ceremony, they often become visible at a late hour when the groom takes off the jacket. Sometimes the groom asks the male guests to wear suspenders in the same color. If photos are taken of the groom and his friends during the happy celebration, the color combination appears particularly attractive and expresses the camaraderie in the circle of friends. So you should choose suspenders at the wedding and make them a stylish accessory.

Then you should pay attention to the suspenders

When looking for the perfect suspenders, the groom should keep an eye on the shoes. It is best to color-match the shoes and suspenders or generally with the wedding suit. A black suit with a white shirt and a matching pocket square is best, just like a business look. Then you do not have to worry too much about the color of the suspenders, because it will of course be black.

Are suspenders a must?

No, definitely not. Nowadays these are worn very little. But if your suspenders look good on you and spice up your outfit, you shouldn’t let your hands go. It’s best to get a second or even third opinion. Nevertheless, you should perhaps consult an advisor or, if possible, inquire about the suit search. Also make absolutely sure that the suspenders are not too tight. You don’t have to wear them all day, but the suspenders should still fit properly.