Use of sunglasses at the wedding

Sunglasses seem out of place at first glance at a wedding. However, there are some occasions when sunglasses are also a good idea at the wedding reception. These opportunities include the following:

– summer wedding outdoors
photo booth
– combined sunglasses for him and her as a wedding gift

As a guest at a wedding, be careful never to wear sunglasses when taking pictures. The photos are often still looked at after years and it is therefore recommended that a face can be easily recognized.

Protection for the eyes at the outdoor wedding

For many couples, an outdoor wedding on a warm summer day is the fulfillment of their dreams. In bright sunshine and little shade, however, you should take special care of the guests. A very special guest gift is often put together. In a small bag, each guest receives sunglasses, a sunscreen and possibly an insect repellent. You can choose different sunglasses for men and women. In this way, nothing stands in the way of enjoying the celebration in nature. Of course, the bride and groom can also wear sunglasses at the wedding outdoors. The sunglasses with a partner look look particularly stylish. Such glasses can also be made as a wedding gift and may also be used by the wedding couple for their honeymoon.

Sunglasses as part of the accessories booth

A popular pleasure at the wedding is the photo booth. Of course, the right accessories also play an important role in creating funny photos. Funny sunglasses in trendy colors or in oversize are definitely one of them. When there are many different glasses to choose from, guests have a lot of fun dressing up for the photos and the funny shots become wonderful memorabilia for the wedding.

Sunglasses as fun disguise for wedding photos

When choosing the cladding, you should choose items that guests can quickly and easily put on. These include, for example:

– sunglasses in funny shapes
– feather boas
– funny hats
– long pearl necklaces
– mysterious masks

In this way, guests can quickly try out several disguises and choose their souvenir photo for their preferred look. The best thing to do is to place the items in a box at the Photo Booth, so that the search for the perfect disguise is fun.

Sunglasses at the bachelor party

Sunglasses should not be missing at bachelor parties and hen parties for women. Whether in the casino with a classy suit or on the street at Hen Night. The sunglasses are simply part of it and without them it would only be half as much fun.

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