Streamers – Happy wedding accessory

At the wedding party, the bride and groom are celebrated in a relaxed atmosphere. There are a few accessories that help to promote this cheerful mood. These include streamers, for example. The funny colored paper snakes automatically create a good mood with their attractive appearance. If the streamers are thrown over the bridal couple and guests in a relaxed atmosphere, everyone enjoys the wedding party to the best of their ability. Streamers are also a nice decorative element that can be used from table decorations to wall decorations. The colorful paper snakes are inexpensive to buy, so that they can be used extensively and thus give guests a special treat.

Other popular party accessories are:

pom poms

Wedding Streamers – from elegant to trendy colorful

Streamers just go with any wedding. This is ensured by the large number of different products that can be found on offer today. The right streamers are available even for a classic, elegant wedding. You can choose among the following variants:

– silver with white
– high-gloss gold
– red, blue or green
– provided with funny patterns

In this way, streamers become part of the festival, which can be wonderfully integrated into the general style of decoration and can relax the mood even at the elegant festival. In subtle white and silver, the streamers can hardly be surpassed by timeless elegance and contribute to the noble appearance of the decoration. The funny, colorfully patterned streamers, on the other hand, match the boho chic and underline the casual character of the festival.

Shopping streamers for wedding

If you want a large selection when it comes to buying streamers, you can find streamers in every color and design online in our wedding shop or at party accessories. The streamers should be ordered in time and you should also have sufficient quantities on hand, especially if they are used to greet the newlyweds after the wedding. It is a pleasure when every guest has several streamers at hand to greet the bride and groom properly.

Wedding Streamers: A great invention

Streamers are a perfect party accessory, they are not only used for weddings, but also for New Year’s Eve, parties and carnivals. Streamers can be found anywhere and used for any occasion. A thin and colorful ring on a rolled-up paper strip can bring so much joy and fun. The production of the streamers takes place like this: Streamers are made from flame-retardant raw paper, after which they are rolled into small rolls. Using the streamers is also very easy, you blow into the roll, then it unfolds into a spiral. The streamer was invented by Paul Demuth in 1887.

Different types of streamers

There are different colors and patterns of streamers. Inexpensive and available everywhere. You can decorate between plates and glasses or over tables. Streamers are also particularly popular for carnival. Carnival is mainly celebrated in Austria and Germany. The word carnival is often used in northern Germany.

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