Versatile stickers for the wedding facilitate numerous projects

The wedding preparations have to consider numerous projects that require labels of all kinds. The stickers for the wedding, which can be decorated in an original way also in the colors of the wedding, offer an excellent way to the inscription. The stickers can be quickly labeled with a felt-tip pen and easily affixed to surfaces such as glass or metal. It looks particularly elegant when you use the same sticker for different projects. Thus, the different labels run like a thread through the wedding and become a special feature. It is also possible to have stickers printed, which include, for example, the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding.

Wedding stickers – Attractive stickers used imaginatively

The stickers for the wedding can be used in various ways and delight with their beautiful design. Therefore, it is also worthwhile to exercise care in choosing the perfect sticker and to study the offer thoroughly. So you are guaranteed to find a model that is perfect for your own wedding. The stickers can be used in these projects:

invitation cards
place cards
menu cards
thanksgiving cards

Wedding stickers are also used on the cake buffet or candy bar. They are used to make guests aware of certain delicacies or to describe the contents of individual vessels.

Order stickers for the wedding online

The widest selection of stickers for the wedding can be found online. There are very simple stickers as well as those that are framed with pretty patterns that fit the wedding. Even stickers in original shapes are available. For example, they can be designed in the shape of a mustache or look like a tiny slate. So it is easy to achieve particularly nice effects with stickers. You can also order the matching pens to make a clean label.

The perfect sticker for your wedding

Stickers for weddings are becoming increasingly popular. They are stylish and you can use them several times. For the gifts they are definitely a real eye-catcher. Instead of writing “thank you” on the paper, you can just stick it on the bag or on the glass, it depends on what you give your invited wedding guests. So you do not have to write thank you for each guest. Also important is the design. The sticker for the wedding can be embellished with ornaments and perhaps with rhinestones. The shape and size is irrelevant, but you must be careful that the stickers are not too big.

Stickers are everywhere

You can also see great stickers on invitation cards. Also with place cards these are gladly used. At weddings, the stickers are simply not missing and are, as I said, an absolute eye-catcher. The good thing is that you can buy 1A labels in our online shop really cheap.

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