Steel Wedding Gifts

The Steel Wedding is celebrated on the 11th wedding anniversary. Most couples hold a big celebration on the 10th wedding anniversary, so that the 11th anniversary is often only celebrated in a closer family circle. The name is reminiscent of the firmness that a marriage has achieved after 11 years. It is now as hard as steel and you can trust the relationship. Steel is therefore an important element for everything related to this wedding day. From decoration to gifts, steel should be the motto.

What do you give for a Steel Wedding

If you are invited to the 11th wedding anniversary, it is not difficult to find a nice gift if you stick to the motto steel. There are many great household items made of steel that are guaranteed to delight the couple. This includes:

– stainless steel corkscrew and bottle opener
– wall plate with personal engraving made of stainless steel
– stainless steel wall clock
– stainless steel espresso spoon

Since it is not an important wedding anniversary, you do not need to buy a large gift. The couple will also be happy about a little something.

Gift from the spouse

As a couple, it is usually the custom to make a present for every wedding day and the steel wedding is no exception. You can find great gift ideas around the steel theme for him and her. For example, there is high-quality stainless steel jewelry for women that triggers enthusiasm. Many women are also happy about cutlery or serving plates, which prove to be particularly useful if you often entertain guests. Of course, eleven red roses in a stainless steel vase are a worthy gift for a steel wedding. The wife will also find pretty gift ideas for her husband. A flask made of stainless steel made of stainless steel with an engraving can be just as enjoyable as a great grill, which of course the whole family is happy about.

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