Wedding Stationery – lovingly planned details

The stationery is an important item in wedding preparations, to which the bride must pay a lot of attention. There is extensive correspondence, from invitation cards to thanksgiving, which has to be done in an elegant way. It is best to start early with a list of all wedding stationery items that will be used. This means that you can make the right selection in peace and that you can complete the individual tasks in good time. The individual articles include:

Save the Date cards
invitation cards
place cards
menu cards
Thank You cards

It is particularly elegant if you order the entire stationery at once and use the same design for all items. You can also have all articles printed with a short wedding saying. In this way, you have the option of making all correspondence uniform.

Wedding Stationery – important articles and their meaning

Save the Date cards have become popular in recent years and are very practical. You can send them out as soon as you have set the date for the wedding. In this way, guests can plan long-term and keep the date for the wedding free. The invitation card follows later, on which guests are given all the details, such as the location of the wedding, the exact time and similar important information. After the wedding, you send the guests a thank you card to thank them for their presence at the party and for the wedding presents.

Stationery for the table

The stationery for the wedding also includes the place cards for the wedding table, with which it is easy to show the guests the intended places. It is also particularly elegant to have menu cards printed. This way, guests can look forward to the delicacies that await them at the wedding meal before the meal begins.

Stationery for the invitation

Already when inviting you should think about the design. Because it is usually more than just an information medium – for many a souvenir that is hung up. In addition, the wedding invitation gives a first, lasting impression and should therefore also match the motto and style of the wedding. Quality also plays an important role and is a sign of appreciation of the festival as well as the guests. There are no limits to the design – modern or traditional, classic or contemporary, simple or striking – everything is possible.

If someone enjoys doing handicrafts and likes to let their creativity run free, then this is exactly the right job. For those who prefer to leave this task to specialists, there is a huge selection of print shops where you can help design your invitations.

Timely production and a printed copy would of course be an advantage. This way, there can be no unexpected, unpleasant surprises if something doesn’t work. There is also enough time for improvements to rework the cards or to change the feel of the paper. If the design, time and design is too exhausting, help can be obtained from a graphic designer.

The most important information that should appear on the wedding invitation is, of course, when it all takes place and, above all, where, so that the invited guests know where the wedding should take place. The motto and the dress code must also be announced. A set deadline for the commitments makes it easier to plan the number of guests. If there is a gift request, it would make sense to note this when inviting, as the wedding guests are always relieved about a note.

Here you will find useful tips regarding wedding planning so that the wedding is a complete success!