Wedding Stamp – practical detail for the bride

Stamps are essential in all correspondence relating to the wedding. They are especially helpful because they help the bride to give all cards and invitations a uniform character. With a stamp for the wedding you can do all this work personally. You can choose from a whole range of motifs, make the stamp yourself or have it made according to your own wishes. Many brides also choose different stamps that can be used for different jobs. The stamp adds a touch of elegance to the written details that fascinates guests.

Stamps at the wedding – how they are used

A stamp with the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date and the address can be used on various occasions. This includes:

Save the Date Cards
wedding invitations
Thank You Cards
guest book

Especially if the bride decides to handle her correspondence by hand, such a stamp proves to be particularly valuable, since this information is simply stamped on and does not have to be written again and again. Ink pads are available in different colors with ink and you should choose a color that suits the wedding. So the cards succeed in a particularly appealing way.

Possible uses for stamps at the wedding

The practical wedding stamps can be used for numerous purposes. For example, you can get a stamp with the words “Thank you”, which can be stamped on the cards for the party favors. The stamp can also have a small text saying, such as “love and trust”. Such a stamp can not only be used on the invitations, but can also adorn table cards and menu cards. Last but not least, it is a lot of fun to work with pretty stamps and it is worthwhile for every bride to get a few of these stamps for her wedding preparations. Therefore, you should be inspired by the offer in good time.

Motif stamp for the design of the mailings

Stamps not only have to print text, they can also print numerous other motifs. The heart is one of the most popular wedding motifs, but flowers, rings and swans are also popular. These are more delicate and therefore the stamps are accordingly larger or more expensive.

Especially flower stamps or stamps with a swan as a motif can be used particularly well when designing the invitation cards or table cards. Instead of printing the motif directly on the paper, you can do it afterwards – like your personal signature – with a stamp. Every invitation card is unique and yet the same.

With the table cards you can also use a stamp that stamps the negative area, i.e. the entire table card – except for a field in which the name is written.

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