Sparklers create a romantic mood at the wedding

Glittering sparkle creates a wonderful atmosphere especially after dark at the wedding party, where the whole romance of the event can be captured again. If you do not want to hold a big firework, you can also use sparklers to create a wonderful effect that will make the hearts of guests and newlyweds beat faster. Sparklers are available in different colors and shapes and you can find just the right items for your own wedding.

Choose the right sparklers for the wedding

Sparklers can usually be obtained in three different sizes:

– small (30cm)
– medium (40 cm)
– large (70 cm)

Of course, the length of the sparkler also determines their burning time. While the small candles usually go out after 40 to 50 seconds, you can enjoy the large candles for almost two minutes.

Accessories for the sparklers wedding

If you buy sparklers for wedding, you should also ensure a sufficient supply of lighters, so that all sparklers can be lit at the same time. A particularly magical effect can be achieved with the heart glasses, which are available from cardboard. Looking through the glasses, the light points of the sparkler transform into heart shapes that seem to fill the entire space. For example, this makes the wedding dance incredibly romantic. These eyewear, combined with the sparklers, are the details that make the wedding an unforgettable event.

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