Great ideas with socks for the wedding

Of course, they are an important accessory for the groom at the wedding. The color of the socks should match the shoes and suit. As a rule, black socks are chosen. Socks are often taken for granted, so it can quickly be forgotten to buy a pair of new socks for the wedding. Therefore, the groom should get his socks for the wedding a few weeks before the wedding and keep them for the special day. It can also be one of the groomsman’s duties to ensure that the groom’s outfit is complete. So you should remember to also check the groom’s socks when you take over the office of the best man.

Wedding Socks – Funny morning gift for the groom

The morning gift is usually given the morning after the wedding. In some cases, however, it can also make sense to make this gift on the wedding morning. The bride, but also a best man can give the groom socks as a gift. Basically, such a gift is of course practical, but a funny banderole also makes it a fun joke. The prejudice that men often get cold feet before the wedding because they shy away from the firm bond is widespread. That is why you pack the socks with a band that says “against cold feet”. The groom will surely understand the double meaning immediately and, despite all the excitement, will be able to laugh heartily on the wedding morning.

Unusual socks as a unique accessory for the groom

The clothing regulations are no longer as strict as they once were. The groom often feels the desire to be able to add a little extravagance to themselves in addition to the bride’s stylish outfit. This can be done quickly with fancy ties and socks. Some quality providers offer unusual socks for the wedding, which can also be obtained in a box for two for the groom and father. In the partner look you can wear socks that make a name for themselves. You choose between:

– socks with colored dots
– socks with colorful geometric patterns
– socks in bright colors

So a little swing in the wedding outfit.

Socks for men – stickers for women

Such little things also include the shoe stickers, which have been introduced to German weddings for several years. They are available in different colors and shapes and are simply stuck under the soles of the bride and groom. Of course, they are not always visible in this way and offer the guests a surprise when the soles of their shoes become visible, for example, when kneeling in front of the altar.

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