Soap Bubbles for the wedding create a good mood

When the wedding couple leaves the church or the registry office after the wedding, they are happy to give them a particularly loving greeting. There are various traditions, such as the scattering of petals or confetti, which, however, are no longer welcomed in many places because they leave a heavy contamination. Soap bubbles are a nice alternative to the wedding, which provide a cheerful reception for the bride and groom. The sight of the dazzling bubbles rising in the air is romantic and wonderfully sets the whole party in the mood for the wedding celebration.

Wedding Soap Bubbles – This is how the greeting is organized

The wedding soap bubbles are often not directly the idea of ​​the bride and groom, but of a groomsman or family member. The soap bubbles for the wedding are available in pretty bottles, which can have different shapes to match the wedding;

– wedding cake
– tubules
– champagne bottle
– champagne glass

Upon arrival, each guest receives one of the small bottles and can thus be ready to receive the bride and groom. All guests open their vials at the same time and start blowing the bubbles. This beautiful tradition gives all guests the opportunity to actively participate in the wedding event. This way you can break the ice right at the start of the event.

Wedding Soap Bubbles wedding as a favor

For most weddings, it is common to give guests a small gift as a thank you for attending the wedding. The pretty bottles with the soap bubbles are also wonderful. Of course, they give the guests a lot of pleasure because they have the opportunity to use them right at the wedding. If children are attending the wedding, you should have a few extra bottles ready as the sparkling soap bubbles can be an attraction for the little ones throughout the wedding celebration. In the wedding shop you can also order the wedding soap bubbles in larger quantities to be well equipped.

Make soap bubbles yourself

Soap bubbles can also be easily made by yourself. There are many different recipes on the Internet, some of which work better and some of which work worse. Here are some recipes that work:

For these soap bubbles you need 10 oz of distilled water. You can often find this in the drugstore. You also need 3 oz of detergent and 1 oz of corn syrup. The production is very simple. You just mix all the ingredients together and let it steep for an hour. The mixture should be stirred again before use.

Soap bubbles can also be made from 8 oz of warm water, 4 tablespoons of detergent and 2 – 4 drops of vegetable oil. For this, the water is placed in a large saucepan and the washing-up liquid is added while stirring. You have to let the mixture steep for 5 minutes. Finally, add a few drops of vegetable oil.

In the shop you will find a large selection of suitable items for a successful wedding.