Slate Hearts for the wedding – a versatile article for the wedding

When designing the wedding, you are always looking for special items with which you can express your own taste and give the celebration a very personal touch. Hearts are one of the symbols traditionally used at weddings to express the couple’s love. However, brides often perceive the traditional red hearts made of plastic, paper or fabrics as kitschy and worn and look for new ideas that are also symbolic but more original. Slate hearts are a wonderful solution. The hearts made of the simple gray-colored natural stone are simple and inconspicuous and you can even transform them into small works of art by labeling or painting, which can be used in many ways at the wedding.

This is how slate hearts are used for weddings

Slate hearts are available in different sizes and can therefore be used for different purposes. They are also easy to edit. The hearts can be decorated with any decoration and it is also possible to drill fine holes so that they can be hung. Possible uses include:

place cards
table decoration

The hearts leave a lot of room for creativity and are a basic element for various decoration ideas. The natural material is a wonderful solution for everyone who wants to organize their wedding in an environmentally conscious way and who likes to feel connected to nature.

A slate heart guest book

A wonderful and particularly unusual idea is a guest book made of slate hearts. For this you need a heart for each guest and several Edding pens for labeling the hearts. These are placed on a table so that they can be seen, so that the guests can write a personal congratulation on one of their hearts during the evening. This creates a wonderful memory of the wedding, which is also very decorative and quickly finds a special place of honor in the couple’s living room.

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