Silk Flowers for the wedding as a tasteful decoration idea

floral decorations look romantic and elegant at every wedding. The jewelry with real flowers, however, often turns out to be complicated. The availability of the individual types of flowers and their price is strongly dependent on the season and you also have to wait until shortly before the wedding to decorate fresh flowers so that the flowers are fresh. Silk flowers for wedding are an excellent option to capture all the charm of a floral decoration, but without having to face the problems of fresh flowers.

There are many different types and colors that can be used. It is only important that the flowers match the color theme of the wedding and give a coherent picture.

Table decorations and more with silk flowers

The silk flowers can be used in many ways at the wedding and are characterized by their unique beauty everywhere. They can be used for the following purposes, among others:

table decoration
bridal bouquet
wedding pins

If you use the silk flowers to decorate the table, you should make sure to keep the arrangements as low as possible so that the many guests can also look over the flowers. Another great advantage of silk flowers is that you have a wide range of colors available. So it is easy to find exactly the right floral decoration for the color of the wedding.

However, one should generally make sure that the flowers are not too intrusive. So if you already have a striking table decoration, for example, you should not hang up extensive garlands or wall decorations.

Silk fabric rose petals

Rose petals are very popular at weddings and are scattered by the flower children when the bride and groom come out of the church. Rose petals made of fabric are also great for this, as they do not leave color spots on the floor. These artificial rose petals can be bought in bags of 500 for the litter baskets.

Wedding Flower Decoration – The perfect choice of flowers

In order to achieve a special effect, the flowers should be coordinated with the design of the table. For example:

– tulips and roses to playful dishes
– eye-catching sunflowers with simple dishes
– white flowers to white dishes for special elegance

When decorating the table for the wedding, it should be noted that less is often more. The centerpiece should be an eye-catcher for the guests, but it shouldn’t look too overwhelming. That is why smaller arrangements are usually preferable. Even strongly scented flowers, such as freesia or lilac, can have a disturbing effect on the table and therefore do not fit so well with the table decoration. It is also important to note that the floral decorations harmonize with the colors of the bridal bouquet, so that a uniform motto of the wedding becomes recognizable.

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