Give by Signs the wedding a special charm

When it comes to the design of the wedding location, you are always happy to come up with something special to give the festival an individual character. Wedding signs are a nice idea that is also well received by guests. You can get pretty signs in the wedding shop, for example, or of course you can make them yourself according to your own ideas. In any case, they turn into eye-catchers, which are involuntarily viewed and admired by the guests and often conjure a smile on faces. Signs are also helpful to label the location or as a guide to the individual attractions of the wedding.

Wedding Signs – possible uses

Wedding signs can be used in a variety of ways at the celebration. You can draw guests’ attention to something specific or just have an entertaining or meaningful saying. Places where wedding signs are most commonly used include:

– about certain hotspots at the wedding (guest book, bars)
– in the photo booth
– as a guide
– as a decoration for a themed wedding

The signs often contain a funny invitation to take part in the various activities that are offered at the wedding and are used to ensure that nobody misses out on nice entertainment options, such as the photo booth. You also save the hosts a lot of explanations about the individual attractions. Signs often contain funny sayings, statements or mottos related to the theme of the wedding.

Signs as signposts at the wedding

Signposts are an area of ​​application for signs. Creatively and informatively designed, they save guests the long search for the right hotspot. Black signs are popular, but signs in the form of speech bubbles are also a real eye-catcher. These signs are also very easy to make yourself without having to spend a lot of money.

Make Wedding Signs yourself

Wedding signs can be made very easily by yourself. You can print them on cardboard, for example, ideas can be downloaded from the Internet and printed out. You glue this paper print on a piece of cardboard, cut it to size and you have an attractive sign.

If you want, you can of course write the sign texts yourself on white paper. All you need is a broad felt tip pen. The signs can also be placed in frames or painted in the colors of the wedding. In this way, they attract the attention of guests even faster.

If you want to use the signs for a photo box, you can simply attach them to a wooden skewer.

Blackboards are also popular and can be reused as often as you like. Funny chalks or notes are drawn on with chalk. There are no limits for your creativity.

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