Practical and funny – signpost for the wedding

You are a decoration idea that has become more and more prevalent in recent years. With some creative signs that can be used on any wedding, not only will you make it easier to find the Candy Bar or the Photo Booth, but it will also create a nice decoration that will be an eye-catcher for the guests. The signposts can be designed as arrows or simple signs and greet the guests already at the entrance to the feast day hall. In our wedding shop many of these nice signposts are available and you can choose what suits your wedding.

How to use the signposts at the wedding

– reception
– dinner & dance
– cake buffet
– to the wedding
– to the bar

Often the signposts are made of wood and are particularly suitable for a rustic wedding. But there are also slates used, which look wonderfully nostalgic.

Signpost for the DTY wedding

If you prepare a DIY wedding and bring some craftsmanship, you can also create the signposts for the wedding yourself. The arrows can be cut out of wood and labeled with paintbrush and paint. Slightly easier is the use of slates that you can buy ready. For the lettering one needs chalk and Edding pens, with which also fine letterings can be executed. Then it is only necessary to fix the signposts in the right places and the individual party decorations are ready.

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