A good choice of shoes for the wedding pays off

When choosing the right wedding shoes, the bride and groom and guests should rely on one thing in particular: an all-round good feeling. Because at the latest at the wedding party, it can be uncomfortable if you primarily pay attention to the look.

Wedding shoes – it brings convenience

Tried it out in peace and, ideally, it should always be registered at home, the right shoes should wear comfortably through the wedding day without developing any unpleasant pressure points.

One can imagine how much brides deal with the topic of finding the optimal symbiosis of elegance and wearability. But also for the lords of creation there are important points to consider.

Find the right shoe for the wedding

It makes sense if a woman buys not just a pair of shoes for the wedding, but two. High shoes are suitable for the wedding ceremony and taking photos. Flat shoes are definitely an advantage later on in the wedding celebrations.

The choice of shoes should also be discussed with the wedding dress cutter to match the length of the dress.

– The classic bridal shoe are the pumps. These can also be worn on various occasions after the wedding and they can even be decorated with a little practice.

– Sandals are particularly suitable in summer. Well-groomed feet are important, for foot care a small amount should definitely be included in the wedding budget.

– Ballerinas are the best choice for the celebration after the actual wedding ceremony. They are practical and convenient, but they also look good at the same time. Dancing with them doesn’t cause pain.

How man is concerned

Basically, don’t save in the wrong place. Well-made shoes last for many years and can be worn again and again after the wedding. When buying, make sure you have a secure grip without being constricted. Above all, the heel has to be tightly enclosed, while the instep and toe should have enough leeway.

Go searching in the afternoon. Your feet are in “normal shape” and you can be sure not to buy shoes that are too small. When trying on, wear the stockings that are also intended for the wedding. In any case, they should be long and black. And: It’s best to take your wedding suit with you so that the style and color of the shoes harmonize with the overall appearance.

No special effects

Extravagant decorations, metal buckles or coarse soles are a taboo for the groom’s shoe. Elegant and squeaky clean of course is always better than showmanship at any price!

A black glossy leather shoe is combined with a tuxedo or dress suit. Brown or dark gray wedding shoes may only be worn with a suit of the same color.

By the way: If the bride is a little taller and chooses high bridal shoes, an elevated shoe bed, appropriate insoles or a small heel on the men’s shoe are definitely allowed.