Shoe Stickers for the wedding

A successful wedding is a series of lovingly planned details that will delight both the newlyweds and guests. Such little things also include the shoe stickers. They are available in different colors and shapes and are simply stuck under the soles of the bride and groom. Of course, they are not always visible in this way and offer the guests a surprise when the soles of their shoes become visible, for example, when kneeling in front of the altar.


Wedding Shoe Stickers – the perfect wedding accessory

It makes sense if a woman buys not just a pair of shoes for the wedding, but two. High shoes are suitable for the wedding ceremony and taking photos. Flat shoes are definitely an advantage later on in the wedding celebrations.

– The choice of shoes should also be discussed with the wedding dress cutter to match the length of the dress.

– The classic bridal shoe are the pumps. These can also be worn on various occasions after the wedding and they can even be decorated with a little practice.

– Sandals are particularly suitable in summer. Well-groomed feet are important, for foot care a small amount should definitely be included in the wedding budget.

– Ballerinas are the best choice for the celebration after the actual wedding ceremony. They are practical and convenient, but they also look good at the same time. Dancing with them doesn’t cause pain.

Great sayings for Shoe Stickers

The highlight of a wedding shoe sticker is the nice saying that can be seen on it. It is best to stick the stickers so that they do not touch the ground when you run. So they are not damaged and the saying remains clearly visible to everyone who looks closely. Sayings for shoe stickers include:

– Yes I do
– Me too
– I do
– Me too
– I love her
– Game over
– Help me

The stickers can be easily removed from the soles of your shoes later. If you are careful, you can even stick the cute stickers in the wedding album as a reminder.

Nice effect for successful wedding photos

If you decide to use shoe stickers for the wedding, you should also inform the photographer so that they can wait for the right moment to take a successful picture of the stickers. You can choose beautiful stickers that come out wonderfully in the photos. These include, for example, the beautifully crafted rhinestone stickers for the bride, which are available in different colors. The stickers with the words “Help me”, which are often stuck under the groom’s shoe soles, provide a funny effect. They quickly conjure up a smile on the faces of the surprised guests.

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