Scrapbooking for vivid memories

Scrapbooking originally means lovingly spicing up a classic photo album with personal memories. “Scraps”, ie the snippets of memorabilia that match the respective picture, are glued, clipped or sewn into the album.

Even Queen Victoria of England devotedly created small masterpieces, which were brought to life through the introduction of pieces of paper, fabric ribbons, dried petals, etc.

It is more fundamental in scrapbooking to reduce photo albums to the best pictures and to skillfully stage them with accessories and to record the story of the respective picture with small texts and notes. In this way, the mood at the time of recording can be conveyed and preserved. And of course scrapbooking offers the opportunity to incorporate all imaginable techniques and styles.

The slightly different wedding album

If you also want to keep your wedding memories fresh with scrapbooking, there are no limits to your imagination. Because from the invitation card to a small piece of the bridal veil or the bow of the bridal bouquet, there is a wide field to “garnish” your favorite photos appropriately.

Of course, you don’t have to do this alone. Under certain circumstances, a few wedding guests are enthusiastic about the trend of scrapbooking and encourage them to participate.

Either put on an album at home and invite your friends to scrapbook together. Or you follow the folder principle: You distribute single sheets (or somewhat thicker cardboard boxes) of the same size, which are then individually provided with photos, “scraps” and personal comments by everyone and then simply collected in a beautifully decorated ring binder can.

Easily expandable

It is obvious that a scrapbook album can continue to grow. The honeymoon, memories of getting to know the bride and groom or how a larger family gradually develops from togetherness can be told with scrapbooking and always kept colorful and lively.

The creative hobby, which is also becoming increasingly popular in our latitudes, is taught here and there in our own courses. Because individuality and perfectionism become constant companions for everyone who has “licked blood”.

Create exceptional wedding invitations with scrapbooking

For more than 30 years, scrapbooking has been a popular hobby in America with which you can create wonderful memorabilia. Now the scrapbook fever seems to have reached Europe. The technique is about sticking photos on paper and equipping them with beautiful embellishments so that individual creations are created. At weddings, many brides like to use scrapbooking to create unique wedding invitations that resemble small works of art and delight guests.

Scrapbooking – that’s how it’s done

Scrapbooking is all about finding a suitable photo for the wedding invitation. It can be a photo of the bride and groom. Then you look for pretty ornaments that match the picture and stick them around the picture. This can be a wide variety of items, such as:

– pieces of tulle or lace
satin ribbons
– glitter hearts
wedding stickers
– 3D stickers
– cutting dies
– feathers

The technique of sticking is quite simple, so that you can get good results if you don’t have a lot of experience in handicrafts. On the other hand, it is important to create imaginative combinations between photos and decorations that immediately attract the viewer’s gaze.

Use the right materials

With the scrapbooking technique you can create invitations to the wedding as well as create a souvenir album. However, it is important to use the right materials. For example, you should make sure that only acid-free paper and acid-free glue are used. In this way, damage to the photos can be avoided. When choosing the paper, you should also value the best quality. For example, noble embossing papers, which can be decorated with wedding motifs, are suitable for the invitation cards. Metallic papers in different shades also create a great effect when scrapbooking.

In the shop you will find a selection of suitable articles.