Scattered Flowers – a beautiful tradition for weddings

They are among the things that should not be missing at a wedding. They are a symbol of love and contribute to a wonderfully romantic mood. The scatter flowers can be used in different ways:

– sprinkling in the church by flower children
– as a table decoration
– as a room decoration

Scatter flowers are available in many colors, so you can choose the color that suits the color theme of the wedding. Strong color contrasts are of course particularly effective. For example, red petals look great on the white tablecloth.

Scattered flowers for flower children

You are the star of your wedding. However, for a brief moment, the eyes of the wedding ceremony will be on the little ones, who proudly walk down the church corridor towards the altar. It means the flower children, for whom it is an honor to beautify your big day. Make sure that the walk of the flower children becomes something very special and give the flower girls & ring bearers cute details along the way. Would you like to know how? Let yourself be inspired by our ideas for flower children.

A small highlight at your wedding are small children. Because the little ones look super cute in a dress or suit. Divide your own child, your nieces or nephews or children of friends with important tasks at your wedding and give your wedding a very special touch. How about classifying the girls as flower children and the boys as ring bearers?

Just let the flower children sprinkle the most beautiful rose petals on the way to their marriage and create a romantic atmosphere before entering the church. This lovely background to the flower children makes the wedding ceremony even more beautiful and emotional.

Real petals or scatter flowers made of silk fabric

Many brides want scatter flowers from real flowers. These can even be bought freeze-dried today, so that you can be sure that you have a sufficient supply at hand for the wedding. But the real petals also bring some night parts with them. The petals rub off and are therefore not allowed in some churches, registry offices and public places. The hands of the flower children also take on the color of the petals so that they can easily contaminate their wardrobe. Also when decorating tables, real petals quickly stain the tablecloth and leave ugly stains. Therefore, choosing silk scatter flowers is often a wise solution to easily use scatter flowers at the wedding.

Silk petals available in many colors

If you choose silk petals, you benefit from a huge selection of colors. For the elegant wedding, scattered flowers, for example in gold or silver, also look great. The petals can also be selected in various forms. There is both the traditional rose shape, as well as hydrangea flowers or cherry blossoms. With these scattered flowers you achieve a romantic effect without having to worry about the coloring of the petals. Scattered flowers made of silk can be obtained online from wedding portals and can be ordered long before the wedding.

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