Set beautiful accents for the wedding with scatter decorations

Scatter decorations  is original and imaginative and contributes to a particularly beautiful holiday decoration. Scatter decorations is particularly popular for the wedding table. One would like to decorate the table in a detailed and interesting way. At the same time, however, it is often a good idea to avoid decorative elements that are too high, so that people sitting opposite can look at flower vases and other objects undisturbed during the conversation. The wedding decoration is versatile and lies flat on the table, so that it does not represent any disability.

Scatter Wedding Decorations – How to decorate the table

When choosing the sprinkle decoration for the wedding table, it is important to ensure that you choose colors that harmonize with both the rest of the decoration and the dishes. Scatter decoration is available in numerous different motifs. You can find a huge selection of the popular article online, so there are no wishes regarding colors, shape and size. The following are particularly popular:

– hearts
– stars
– intertwined rings
– rose petals
– decorative stones
– “Just married” confetti

There are also differences in size and should be used in different ways on the table. The smallest parts should only be used in the middle of the table. Larger parts are more suitable to the left and right of the table. Small sprinkles otherwise stick to arms and hands while eating and can be perceived as uncomfortable by the guests.

Scattered decoration – less is often more

Wedding scatterde decorations are usually characterized by a wonderful glitter effect that brings life to the wedding table. However, this effect can sometimes be simply overwhelming. Therefore, it is advisable to use sprinkle decoration sparingly. A fascinating eye-catcher is created with small quantities. The cleaning work after the wedding is easier if you have used little scatter decoration.

What you should consider when decorating the table

If you have decided to have a motto for your wedding, this should also be reflected in the table decoration. You will definitely have it easier if you have a motto you can build on. But this should also run through the whole decoration and give a beautiful, well harmonizing overall picture. If you don’t base your wedding on a certain motto, it is of course not a problem. However, you then have an almost infinite choice of decoration options.

However, three styles have established themselves. These are classic, glamorous and unusual decorations. There are also many options with this selection, so you should look for suggestions in books, magazines or on the Internet. You can also ask friends or family for advice. But what ultimately counts is that the bride and groom like it. If you want to keep it simple, you can stick to a certain color scheme. This should also last through the entire decoration and furnishing of the wedding location. If you need help with this, there is still the option of getting advice from professionals. However, it is important that you stick to a style / motto and do not start to mix everything up colorfully.

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