The most beautiful gifts for the Sapphire Wedding

On the occasion of the 45th wedding anniversary, the brass wedding is celebrated. This is a significant milestone on the way to the Golden Marriage. Therefore, many couples and families use this wedding day for a celebration, which can be regarded as a dress rehearsal for the Golden Wedding so to speak. After 45 years, the marriage is like sapphire. It offers a wonderful occasion to celebrate and party, which should be enjoyed. Family and friends are always happy to help make such a day a festive affair, where one likes to think back to the many years of marriage and relive old memories.

Sapphire as a motto for gifts

As with many other wedding days, the name of the Sapphire Wedding can serve as a motto for the gift choice. For the 45th wedding anniversary gifts include sapphire in their choice. It is including the color blue. For example:

  • – sapphire mugs
    – personalized bracelets
    – personalized blue hipflask
    – photo frame

If you know the pair well, then you can easily guess with which items you can make a special treat. If in doubt, ask the children to ensure success with the gift.

The spouses donate each other

Of course, the spouses also make each other gifts for the 45th wedding anniversary. A noble stainless hipflask is a pretty gift for him. The wife is sure to be pleased about blue jewelry. Of course, even a romantic dinner in the restaurant is a gift, with which the couple can celebrate his day of honor in a cozy togetherness in a beautiful way.

Congratulations to the Sapphire Wedding:

On 45 years of married happiness,
you both look back now.
You have in your life
so much we have already given.
For all the effort you make,
be offered here with thanks to you.
May it be for you in the further life
give a lot of joy and health.

What wonderful,
richly fulfilled time:
45 years
the commonality!
May you enjoy life
now continue
Give happiness and joy,
Courage and cheerful sense!

Heart congratulations!
45 years already!
God’s blessing, God’s forces
like to keep you healthy,
and happiness, happy and cheerful,
stay a constant companion!

What do you give yourself to the 45th wedding anniversary?

For the wife:

  • – a picture frame
    – blue jewelry
    – a holiday for two

For the husband:

  • – personalized hipflask
    – a holiday for two
    – a personalized mug