How to celebrate a Rustic Wedding

A wedding today does not necessarily have to be celebrated in an elegant style. Many couples opt for a simple celebration in a rustic style, which is much more relaxed than at the traditional wedding. Bridal couple clothing, wedding location and food can adapt to this style of wedding. Of course, guests can also dress more casually than at a conventional wedding. So the celebration can be enjoyed wholeheartedly.

Decoration ideas for the Rustic Wedding

An old barn can be a wonderful location for a rustic wedding. The decoration can be designed in a vintage style and it is fun to look for the right jewelry on the store or at flea markets. Old jugs and buckets can be converted into flower containers and even an old wooden ladder is decorated with ribbons and garlands as part of the wedding decoration. For flowers, it is advisable to prefer flowers of the season that are native to the area. In summer, the tables can be arranged outdoors. Simple wooden chairs are often chosen, which exude an original charm even without chair covers. The tables can be covered with beautiful earthenware crockery. Many small vases adorned with small bouquets adorn the tables and contribute to a natural ambience. If old wooden tables are used, you can also do without the tablecloth and maybe put on a jute runner.

Put together a menu for the Rustic Wedding

When it comes to dishes, the rustic wedding can often be more hearty. The dishes that are popular at such a festival include:

– glazed pork knuckle
– small Wiener schnitzel
– grilled dishes
– roast beef
– a wide selection of salads

Of course, a rustic cake also includes a wedding cake. But you can also design them a little differently. For example, it can consist of many small cupcakes that are arranged in an appealing way on wooden trays.

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