Rose Petals for the wedding

Roses are the symbol of love par excellence and at the wedding one not only uses the complete flower as decoration, but also creates a wonderful mood with rose petals. The rose petals for the wedding look particularly pretty as table decorations and in many places the bed for the wedding night is decorated with rose petals. The rose petals online can be obtained fresh or freeze-dried and used for many decorative purposes.

Scattering Rose Petals at the wedding

According to an old custom, flower girls strew rose petals from small baskets in front of the newlyweds when they leave the church or the registry office. This custom serves to greet the newlywed couple and at the same time to give them happiness on the way. Today, however, it is no longer permitted to sprinkle real rose petals in many places, as they discolour the plaster and leave dirt that is difficult to clean. As an alternative you can:

– sprinkle rose petals in private areas
– use artificial rose petals
– choose wedding balloons as the welcome ceremony

Artificial rose petals for wedding look deceptively similar to real petals and offer numerous advantages. After the formal reception of the newlyweds in the church square is over. The artificial petals can be swept up without leaving any residue, so that no dirt remains. The little flower girls’ hands also stay clean. So you can easily enjoy the old tradition.

Enjoy the variety of colors of the silk rose leaves

The silk rose leaves are available in a wide variety of colors, which allows them to be wonderfully incorporated into the wedding decoration. Delicate blue, strong pink or traditional red let your creativity run free and allow the most wonderful decoration ideas. Whether you choose the silk leaves or prefer a real rose petal wedding, this pretty detail belongs to every wedding and makes the romantic mood perfect.

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