Romance for the wedding – This is how the party becomes so beautiful again

There is hardly a more romantic party than a wedding. With many elements you can celebrate the romance at the wedding wonderfully. There are some excellent ideas that can be used to turn your wedding party into a romantic firework that will enchant and be remembered for years to come. The romantic mood starts with the clothes. Tulle and lace for the bride, a white lace bridal umbrella and a tiara with a veil are among the elements that make the bride a fairytale princess. In addition, the groom should of course play the role of the right prince charming. With a top hat and rose in the tailcoat’s buttonhole, he will surely succeed.

Romantic ideas for the wedding party

During the wedding program it is easy to incorporate some elements that contribute to a special romance. It starts with the arrival of the bride and groom. Instead of driving up in a car, a horse-drawn white wedding carriage can be used, which further supports the fairytale character of the wedding. Even some old customs that can be used at the wedding delight with their romantic nature. This includes:

– festively dressed boys and girls as flower children
– let pigeons soar
– romantic piano music live with a white grand piano

If you design the wedding in this way, the guests are quickly moved and excited.

Location and decoration in a romantic look

The environment in which the wedding is celebrated naturally contributes a lot to a particularly romantic atmosphere. If you can choose a castle or an old castle as location, even the guests feel like damsels and knights. Flowers and especially roses are a symbol of romanticism. Therefore, they should also be used extensively in wedding decorations. The best lighting for the evening is candles and torches, which together with the moon ensure a romantic end to the festival.

Here you will find a lot of other useful tips regarding wedding planning, so that your wedding will be a really successful experience !!!