Symbolic power of the rings for the wedding

Rings have been among the most popular jewelry of the upper class since ancient times. They acted as symbols of power and dignity and of course as symbols of love and loyalty. They became symbols of rule, indicating the origin or belief of its owner.

Wedding rings / The engagement ring…

… symbolizes the promise of wanting to marry someone else and is a clear signal for the upcoming “becoming a woman”. And of course also as a hint to potential rivals of the groom.

The wedding ring…

… was already common among the ancient Romans and Egyptians and was worn on the left ring finger, since there was suspected a “love vein” that leads directly to the heart. This custom has largely remained until today and the second finger from the outside therefore has its name.

Rings wedding – the right measure

Whether for an engagement, wedding, as a morning gift or simply as a pledge of love – if you want to give a ring, you should make sure that it fits. Jewelers and goldsmiths play it safe with a ring gauge.

However, if you want to surprise your partner or the chosen one, you should either take a piece that you or he does not wear all the time, or measure the circumference of your fingers with a piece of thread.

By the way: In the morning and during the cold season, fingers are generally a bit thinner than usual.

Wedding rings for the wedding

It is one of the most beautiful moments of a wedding when the couple puts the rings on their fingers in the presence of families and friends. This ceremony, which is at home both in the registry office and in the church, is performed by almost all couples. And even if you meet spouses who don’t wear any, most of them swapped rings on the wedding day.

The choice of wedding rings is therefore one of the important points of the wedding organization.

The wedding ring is the symbol for your love and your lifelong companion. The selection is large and finding the right one is not always easy. So that your wedding ring fits you perfectly, the right advice is essential. Nothing would be more annoying if you saw your ring again on a different hand and it would lose something special for you.

The wedding ring specialists pay attention to every detail for your lifelong satisfaction. They respond to your individual wishes, explain the different materials that are used to make the rings, the different shapes that make your ring feel like a cloud on your finger. By trying on the rings, you will find out together which ring suits you best as a couple. We as wedding planners can fully rely on our special wedding ring providers, because they ensure that every hand finds the right ring. An individual engraving completes the picture.

The purchase of the rings cannot be scheduled early enough within the wedding organization. Eventually changes or engravings also take some time.

Many goldsmiths offer a very special wedding service and impart some of their know-how to the prospective spouses. They offer workshops in which the bride and groom forge their rings themselves. Expert guidance means. Even those who claim to have two left hands make small works of art here. The specialist takes care of the finishing touches and the engraving. Such a course lasts one day and is a wonderful resting point in the otherwise hectic time of planning and preparation. And what a wonderful feeling it is to look at his hand years later and to know: “This ring my husband / wife made for me.”

Wedding planners are always asked about the origin of the tradition of wedding rings. There are many historical sources for this. What is certain is that in ancient times spouses documented their togetherness with a ring, even if it was mostly made of metals other than gold. In many cultures, the ring, as an object with no beginning and end, has something downright mystical about it. Many art works from painting and literature announce this. Just think of the fairy tales in which the ring fulfills your wishes, the “Lord of the Rings” or the ring parable from Lessing’s “Nathan the Wise”. The engagement ring that only the bride wears is also highly symbolic in love. Mostly provided with a more or less large diamond, it is an absolute must  and has been on the rise again for some years now.

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