Ring Pillow for the wedding

The ring pillow for the wedding looks back on a tradition that spanned many centuries. Even in ancient Rome, noble gifts were presented on decorated pillows to demonstrate their value. The same applies to the wedding rings. Not only the material, but also the symbolic value justifies a special dosage form that underlines the romantic character. The ring pillow for the wedding is therefore one of the details that should not be missed.

Choose the right Ring Pillow for your wedding

Ring pillows come in many shapes and designs and it is often difficult to choose the perfect model. First and foremost, you should always make sure that such a pillow matches the wedding dress and the wedding motif. For a long time, a simple white satin pillow was preferred that always matches the white wedding dress. Today, however, the pillow likes to tie in with the color of the decoration. Cream-colored ring pillows are also becoming more and more popular and mostly the pillows are also beautifully decorated. There are several ways to do this:

– glittering brooches and pearls
– flowers according to the floral decoration of the wedding
– romantic butterflies and hearts
– colorful ribbons in the colors of the wedding

Often you can buy the pillow for the rings for the wedding in one sentence with the guest book. If you don’t find a perfect ring pillow in the trade, you can sew it yourself. You can use fine materials such as velvet and silk.

Who wears the ring pillow?

The exchange of the rings is one of the most exciting and emotionally charged moments during the wedding. The rings on the pillow must be presented at the right moment so that both the bride and the groom have the appropriate ring at hand. Most weddings entrust a child with this task. If only a few children attend the ceremony, one of the flower girls can also take on this task at the same time. This makes the handover of the ring one of the most beautiful photo opportunities at the celebration.

Wedding rings stylishly presented with the ring pillow

During the wedding ceremony, the spouses exchange the rings and are declared men and women. The rings have a great symbolic value for the covenant, which is closed for life. For this reason, they should also be adequately presented at the ceremony. Traditionally, a ring pillow is bought, on which the valuable pieces of jewelry rest safely until the bride and groom take them off and stick them on each other’s fingers. It is particularly romantic to have a flower girl carry the pillow.

Detail with an old tradition

Pillows have been used since ancient times to present particularly valuable gifts. So it is no wonder that pillows are also used to present the wedding rings with which one promises eternal loyalty to the partner. The ring pillows for the wedding can be selected in different designs so that they go well with the wedding decoration. Among other things, you can choose these models:

– ring pillow made of satin
– jute ring pillow decorated with lace
– ring pillow with pearl embroidery
– ring pillow with ornamental frame

If you buy the pillow for the rings, you should make sure that it also harmonizes with the wedding dress. If the ring is brought by one of the flower children, it should also match his clothing and the litter basket. In this way you get an elegant overall picture that is particularly effective on the wedding photos.

Wedding pillow in a set

If you want to be sure that the flower basket and pillow fit together, you can buy them in a set. This simplifies the choice and can be sure of a great effect.

The ring pillow is the future

A beautifully crafted ring pillow primarily underlines the importance of the rings, which themselves have no beginning and no end and symbolize the infinity of love itself.

Keep the noble precious with the matching ring pillow

Even in ancient Egypt, valuable wedding gifts such as gemstones or gold jewelery were placed on pillows in a representative manner. Adopted by the Romans, this custom has continued to develop to this day and has remained in its basic form.

The most valuable thing you can give your life partner in addition to saying yes to the wedding are and remain the wedding rings. That is why they are the ones who deserve to be carried to the altar with dignity.

Better safe than sorry

Bringing the wedding rings to the wedding is traditionally the job of one of the groomsmen. As you know – but hopefully only from so many films – stress or pure forgetfulness can result in unpleasant consequences and the rings have unfortunately remained in the wrong place at the right time.

From this point of view alone, it is advisable to look around for a ring pillow, on which the round wedding vows are then best tied with a bow.

A close friend is used as the ring bearer, but small children are also often used for the increased “heart quotient”. In any case, the ring bearer moves into the church in front of the newlyweds.

Tastefully coordinated

The traditional ring pillow has always been white. However, if you want to remain entirely in the color design of your wedding party on this point, no longer breaks a taboo if a different color is chosen. As a material basis, mostly high-quality velvet or satin is used. And on request, if the ring cushion is large enough, the name and wedding date of the bride and groom can be embroidered.

The selection of ready-made ring pillows is in itself enormous and goes through all price ranges. It will be more individual, of course, if this wedding detail is made entirely as desired or maybe stylishly enhanced with a few flowers.

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