Hold a fun raffle for the wedding

At the long wedding party, you would like to keep your guests entertained. If you are entrusted with the entertainment program at a wedding, you need some good wedding games to keep the guests happy. Many laughs and also a small win for the newlyweds can be achieved with the wedding raffle. As a game master, you sell lots for this and endeavor to make the great main prizes particularly tasty for the guests. There can be numerous prizes from dream trips to the car. Once all guests have purchased a ticket, the raffle will be staged on a small stage.

Raffle: Funny prizes are a lot of laughs

The fun of the game is that there are funny misunderstandings about the prices. So you can offer the following prices, which turn out to be slightly different than expected:

– hunting equipment: a fly swatter is handed over
– a new BWM: a freshly made bread with sausage is handed over
– a dream trip for two: two sleeping pills are handed over

You can make a large number of winnings if you have enough fun ideas. The proceeds from the ticket sale are small pocket money for the bride and groom, who will surely appreciate it.

You need that for the game

The raffle game is easy to organize at the wedding. You need:

– lots
– a raffle for the raffle
– a small stage
– funny prices
– volunteers for ticket sales

The main job is to choose the prices so that as many laughs as possible come about. The prizes to be presented must of course be at hand. It is also an advantage to find helpers who know how to skillfully sell the lots and at the same time praise the main prizes. This wedding game is sure to be a success and triggers enthusiasm among the guests and the newlyweds.

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