Serve Popcorn for the wedding

The smell of fresh popcorn is always seductive. Therefore, popcorn at the wedding is also a popular surprise for wedding guests. The popcorn can be served particularly attractively if you set up a small popcorn bar. There you can offer the guests in various flavors salty and sweet. Today, new flavors are particularly sought after, which turn the well-tried popcorn into a new taste experience:

– caramel
– milk chocolate
– strawberry
– honey chili
– cheddar cheese

Of course, very simple popcorn can only be offered with butter for everyone who has a classic taste. It is important that the individual varieties are kept separate so that each guest can use their favorite variety.

Popcorn stylishly arranged for the wedding

It is possible to serve the popcorn already packaged in bags. However, guests usually enjoy it more when they can serve their own popcorn. The popcorn is available in deep containers and small scoops are available for every taste. Now the guests can scoop the popcorn of their choice into ready-made, pointed-shaped bags and enjoy it to their own taste. Another benefit of popcorn is the cost factor. It is cheaper than many other sweets and still triggers enthusiasm among the guests.

Rent a popcorn cart

If you want to offer your popcorn in a particularly original way, you can rent a popcorn cart for the wedding party, which is kept in the old American style. Such a cart with its great decorations is a real eye-catcher for the wedding party and is one of the details that make a wedding unforgettable for the guests. On the internet you can find out who is lending a popcorn cart near the wedding location. The appointment should be made as early as possible so that you can secure this surprise for the guests for the desired appointment.

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