Pom Poms – wedding decoration is romantic and playful

Wedding decorations are a comprehensive topic that requires thorough planning. The festive hall, the tables and of course the church want to be prepared in an appealing way, so that a festive and elegant atmosphere is created. This requires not only a lot of creativity, but also decorative items that are suitable for filling large spaces. The pom poms for wedding are particularly popular and are available in different colors and sizes so that they can be perfectly inserted into any decoration.

A bloom of flowers from pom poms

Pom poms made of delicate tissue paper look like beautiful flowers and can replace flower decorations in many cases. Flower arrangements can be very expensive depending on the season and with the pom poms for the wedding you can achieve an equally beautiful effect at a much lower cost. The funny pom poms look just as pretty above the candy bar as they do to decorate the chairs or the entrance to the wedding hall. Ideas are limited only by your own imagination. In the wedding shops you can find pom poms for the wedding in a large color selection, so that you can order them exactly for your own wedding.

Make pom poms yourself

Those who like to create decorative items for the wedding themselves will find a wonderful idea at Pom Poms, which can be quickly implemented even without great experience or special skill. All you need is:

– tissue paper in different colors
– a scissors
– thread or silk ribbon to tie

The tissue paper is first folded and wrapped in the middle with a thread that will later be used for hanging. Therefore, you should measure this thread long enough. When folded, the corners of the paper are rounded off with scissors and then the Pom Poms can be pulled apart with a fan. Now the paper is carefully shaped with your hands so that a delicate ball is created. This pretty decoration is so easy to create.

Beautiful wedding decoration with pom poms

The wedding decoration is important to inspire the guests as soon as they enter the ballroom. In a nice atmosphere, a good mood quickly emerges, which guarantees a successful wedding party. Unfortunately, there is often little time left to decorate the festive hall. That is why many brides prefer decorative elements that achieve a great effect and can still be attached quickly and easily. Funny PomPoms belong to such articles and, together with garlands and wedding signs, create an overall picture that makes brides proud and delight guests.

Choose the right pom poms

Pom poms are widely available in wedding shops. They are offered in many different colors so that you can create a perfect combination with the colors of the wedding. The best decoration ideas with pom poms include:

– put together different shades of color
– combine different sizes
– hang from the ceiling on long cords

Pom Poms fit every wedding in style. They can be used at the vintage wedding as well as at the celebration in a modern style. If you buy ready-made PomPoms, you can easily make the decoration with these pretty objects.

Homemade pom poms

The trend of making wedding articles yourself is becoming more and more popular and brides are also busy making their own wedding decorations everywhere. Pom poms are easy to make yourself. All you need is tissue paper, nylon thread and scissors. To do this, you folded several sheets of tissue paper in accordion style. Then a notch is cut in the middle of the folded paper, where the pom pom is tied with the nylon thread. Now the two sides of the paper are rounded off with scissors and you can start to carefully pull the pom pom apart and shape it. These wonderful decorative pieces are so easy to make yourself.

Here you will find a lot of useful information from the professional regarding wedding planning, so that the wedding will be a complete success!