The Pocket Square for the wedding – an attractive accessory for the groom

When it comes to fashion for the bride and groom, usually a magnificent dress for the bride is the focus. However, of course, the groom also wants to look as good as possible on this special day. In addition to a traditional wedding suit, the elegance lies in the accessories that the groom chooses to round off his outfit. One such detail that never fails to work is, for example, the pocket square. For such an accessory to work perfectly, some considerations should be noted regarding the selection and correct folding of the cloth. With the perfect pocket square the groom gets an attractive point of view, which also has a positive effect on the wedding photos.

Choose the right pocket square for the wedding

The pocket square is usually chosen so that it fits the tie or bow tie. A particularly beautiful effect is achieved when the color of both accessories matches the colors of the wedding and the bride also carries accessories in this color. A good pocket square is also recognizable by its material quality. You should choose a silk or a light wool yarn. The woolen pocket square have the advantage that they hardly slip and the folded pocket square still rests perfectly in the pocket at the end of the evening.

Folding styles for the pocket square

If you have bought the Einstecktuck, so it is now about to fold the accessory accordingly. Traditional folding styles include the President Fold, which has a smooth rectangular surface at the top edge of the bag. These folds are also popular today:

– One Corner Fold
– Two Corner Fold
– Three Corner Fold

The respective number of triangular points on the edge of the bag can be seen. The Puff Fold with its asymmetrical appearance is particularly casual and individual. Such a cloth is voluminous and particularly attractive, especially when using a light silk cloth.