An important accessory – Pocket Mirror for the wedding

Pocket mirrors are a nice gift idea that can be implemented in many ways at the wedding. During the wedding celebration, not only the bride but also the guests like to check the appearance again and again in order to also have a good effect on the wedding photos. Small mirrors, which can also be carried in a small handbag, do an excellent job. At the wedding, the mirror can be used in the following ways:

gift for the bride for the big day
– gift from the bride to the maid of honor
favors for female guests

You can also have the small mirrors personalized and, for example, have the name of the couple and the wedding date printed on them. This makes the gift even more personal.

The pocket mirror: A nice attention for maid of honor and bridesmaids

In the days of wedding preparations, the maid of honor and the bridesmaids are often a great support for the bride. They can be entrusted with various tasks and assist the bride with advice and action. That is why the bride likes to give them a little attention to express her thanks. A noble silver mirror, which can also be provided with a monogram, is suitable for this. Such a mirror can accompany the recipient for a lifetime and can always be carried in a handbag. That’s why a pocket mirror is also a nice way to give a friend a gift that will remind her of the wedding for a long time.

Pocket mirror as a favor

Who would like to give all guests a small souvenir of the wedding. You can keep this ready for the female guests, while you can give the men, for example, a chic pocket-sized bottle opener. Such a mirror can be printed with the wedding date and the names of the bride and groom, so that it represents a worthy reminder of the festival.