Platinum Wedding Rings – a precious companion for a lifetime

The circular shape of the wedding rings – a symbol of eternal return. The diamond is the hardest gem for the imperishable.

Platinum – the third in the league. It is pure, rare and forever – this material embodies everything you would expect from love.

Through the history of platinum jewelry

Platin Trauringe

The first histories of platinum date back to around 1500 BC. The processing of platinum was dealt with in South America as well as in North Africa.

To date, it is inexplicable that this precious metal has been forgotten for almost two thousand years. Platinum was first made by Louis Cartier around 1850. From 1920, in Art Deco, platinum jewelry came to the wedding for the first time.


As a rule, the platinum jewelry is processed with a purity of 95% (the purity of 18-carat gold is 75%). For this reason, it does not become dull, does not tarnish and retains its naturally white shimmer forever.

The precious products made of platinum are well suited for people with sensitive skin because they are hypoallergenic due to their high degree of purity.

The stamp “Pt 950” only bears platinum jewelry. It is a seal of approval and distinctive mark that stands for its exceptional degree of purity. Platinum jewelry consists of 950 parts out of a thousand, i.e. 95%, of pure platinum.


Platinum is only found in a few places on earth and only in very small quantities there. The metal is 30 times rarer than gold.

The following mind game demonstrates how rare platinum really is: If you put all of the platinum in the world in an Olympic-sized swimming pool, it would hardly be enough to cover your feet.

The gold, however, would fill more than three swimming pools.

It is precisely this rarity that makes platinum such an exclusive jewelry metal, as special as the people who wear it.


Because of its density and weight, jewelry made of platinum is more resistant than other jewelry metals.

It does not wear off and gemstones are safely contained in it. The platinum can also get scratches like other jewelry. A scratch on such a piece of jewelry, however, only represents a lateral displacement of the metal and does not result in a loss of volume.

Even if everyday wear has left marks on the surface, platinum jewelry remains – a symbol of everything imperishable.

Platinum Wedding Rings

Every woman wishes to have a beautiful ring. Platinum wedding rings are a dream for the newlyweds, but the rings are very expensive. The platinum wedding rings are something special that not everyone can afford. Many couples save on this to make this wish possible. Platinum is a very precious, malleable and gray-white metal. Platinum is used not only for jewelry making, but also for vehicles and more. If you don’t have that much money, palladium is the right choice. Palladium is also platinum metal, but it is not quite as valuable. Platinum wedding rings are very popular these days. The ring is very resistant, so it is worth buying the ring. The platinum wedding ring gives a beautiful shine and it can be mixed with stones, patterns and diamonds.

Why are platinum wedding rings so popular?

– They are very valuable
– They are very tough
– You look beautiful
– They are preserved for a very long time

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