Seating arrangement with table cards for the wedding quickly settled

Many details have to be considered to plan a perfect wedding. This includes working out the seating arrangement on the wedding table. Usually, guests are seated at smaller tables in groups of six or eight, while the wedding table is reserved for the newlyweds, groomsmen, and the closest family members of the bride and groom. When planning the seating arrangement, one tries to put the individual groups together in such a way that lively conversations can arise at the table. After you have carefully planned the seating arrangement, you naturally want to guarantee that the individual guests can quickly find the intended place. In addition, the wedding place cards are extremely practical and can be wonderfully inserted into the table decorations.

Wedding Place Cards – a variety of wonderful possibilities

Wedding place cards are available in a huge selection and in various designs, so that you can find the perfect place card for your own wedding. The different models include:

– folded double cards
– place cards on stands
– place cards as tags for favors

You can choose what goes well with the dishes and the rest of the table decoration. Of course, the place cards should also match the style and color of the wedding.

What you should consider with the place cards

It is important to use great care when labeling the place cards so that the name can be recognized from afar. This way, guests quickly find their place and do not have to search long. You should also consider whether to write first and last names on the card, or just give the first name. For a large wedding where different guests with the same first name can be present, it is advisable to use the full name. One should generally opt for a uniform solution. This also applies if you address some guests by their last name. Even in such a case it is better to give all table cards the full name.

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