Place card holders for the wedding make the table arrangement easier

The seating arrangement is very important at a wedding. For hours the bride ponders who should sit at the table of honor and how the best combination of guests can be achieved at the smaller tables. Often people of different ages and with different interests who do not know each other come together at such a festival. As a bride, you want to encourage conversations at the tables so that there is a good mood. That is why we try to put the guests together in such a way that common topics of conversation are possible. Once you have established the best table arrangement, it is important to show the guests their way to the predetermined place in the best way. With place card holders for the wedding, name cards can be placed in a clearly visible position so that guests can find their place from afar.

Place card holder Wedding – stylish card holder for elegant presentation

Beautiful place card holders for weddings fulfill a double function. On the one hand, of course, they hold the name card in such a way that it is easy to read. On the other hand, they are also an important part of table decoration. Therefore, they should also be chosen so that they perfectly match the design of the table. The types of place card holders include:

– romantic in heart or angel shape
– classic made of simple metal
– modern in full, bright colors

So you can find the perfect place card holder for every table.

Make your wedding place card holder yourself

Today it is modern to make many elements for the wedding itself. Place card holders for weddings can also be made by yourself. While skilled craftsmen can make unique place card holders out of cardboard or even wood, a resourceful bride uses fruits, such as lemons or mandarins, which are provided with a slot for the name card. There are no limits to creativity when designing the place card holder if the designed holder matches the rest of the table decoration.

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