Funny Piggy Banks for the wedding

Finding suitable gifts for the wedding can often be a real problem. You want to avoid choosing a gift that is made by other guests. In addition, it should of course also be a gift that the newlyweds really want. Often parts are still missing for the household items, but the bride and groom often want money for the honeymoon or for larger purchases that are planned. Hence, a monetary gift is always appropriate and also valued. However, if you don’t want to just give the money in an envelope, you can wrap it in a pretty piggy bank and make it a double pleasure.

Choose the most beautiful piggy banks for the wedding

Piggy banks are available in numerous designs and you can choose a particularly pretty model for the wedding. Some ideas are:

– piggy bank with the words “To the wedding” or “Good luck”
– piggy bank to paint yourself
– piggy bank with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date

Such a piggy bank gives the money gift a nice frame and proves to the bride and groom that they have thought about the gift.

The XXL piggy bank for the wedding

If the bride and groom wants money gifts, this can of course be noted on the invitation. But you can also give a little hint at the festival that money is always welcome. You can set up a large piggy bank on a table so that the guests are encouraged to insert a small contribution. One should make sure that such a piggy bank is big enough. A wedding with many guests quickly brings together a number of coins and notes. Such a piggy bank can also be artistically painted and also decorated with the name of the couple and the wedding date. Guests enjoy throwing money into the pretty piggy bank and financial help is always welcome for young bridal couples.

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