Picture frame wedding – a nice occupation at the wedding party

At the wedding celebration it is important to offer the guests various activities, so that the party can be enjoyed with all your heart and no boredom arises. While wedding games are not for everyone, the picture frame at the wedding is a popular activity where every guest is photographed in a beautiful picture frame. Of course, everyone can be photographed in the beautiful wedding attire and, at the same time, a wonderful memory is created for the bride and groom, which can later be glued into the guest book.

An activity that is easy to organize

Often, a best man or a guest of trust is entrusted with entertaining the guests. The picture frame wedding game is easy to organize and is well received by the guests. All you need is a beautifully designed, large wooden frame and of course a camera. Guests are photographed individually or in a group and beautiful shots are taken in a relaxed atmosphere. If you want to make the game very interesting, you can also call the guests to photograph in special groups, such as:

– work colleagues of the bride
– guests over 60
– all blond men
– all unmarried women

So funny combinations of people come together and the game also creates a casual atmosphere, in which the wedding guests come into conversation.

The perfect reminder of the wedding

The photos that are created at the picture frame wedding game are then pasted as a souvenir in the guest book. The game is most interesting when you bring a photo printer to the wedding. So the pictures can be immediately printed and glued. Most photo printers are easily connected to any camera and are therefore easy to use. Thus, in collaboration with all guests, a wonderful memento will be created in which the bridal couple will still enjoy and remember for years to come. Wedding photo frames are one of the most beautiful gifts for the couple.

Wedding picture frame: gift to the bride and groom

Picture frames are not just used for the wedding game. It’s a great way to give a beautifully decorated picture frame as a souvenir to the bride and groom. A photo surrounds the finished gift and is a favorite with wedding gifts. A funny photo of the newlyweds and you will definitely elicit a smile from the bride and groom. The gift is also personal and you will surely be pleased. You can of course give a large picture frame where you can put in several photos. The collage can be framed with a variety of photos of you with other friends and the newlyweds. There is a very large selection of picture frames. A picture frame does not always have to be rectangular. It can also be bought in a different form. For example, one often gives a heart shape.

Various picture frames

You also frame the wedding photos and put them on a dresser at home, so you can always remember this beautiful day. Therefore, a professional photographer may not be missing at the wedding party. There are many types of picture frames. Very often a picture frame shows “Love” on the edge. You can also engrave the picture frame with the name of the bride and groom and the wedding date. There are many ideas and ways to design the perfect picture frame.

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