Pretty wedding pendants enhance the party favors

At weddings, it is customary to thank the guests for contributing to the success of the wedding with their appearance. For this small presents are put together, which are usually handed over at the end of the celebration. With these little things it also depends on a loving packaging, which inspires at first glance. With a pendant to the wedding you can decorate such a gift wonderful and also enter the name of the guest. So each recipient feels to have received a truly individual gift.

Homemade or ready bought: Wedding pendants are versatile

If you make many wedding items yourself, you can also design and make pretty pendants yourself. Online you get lots of ideas and with a little skill can conjure up beautiful pendants that will delight the wedding guests. If you have neither time nor skill to craft, the trailer can of course also already finished. Usually only the name needs to be written on it. In the wedding portal you can find a large selection of such followers that are perfect for your own wedding.

Choose the matching pendant for the wedding

The pendants should match the theme of the wedding in color and style. They are available in many different colors, so you can easily find a good combination with the colors of the decoration. The pendants are also available in different styles:

  • – Romantic
    – Vintage
    – Modern
    – Simple and classic

So you can easily order the perfect pendant. Another aspect to consider when selecting is the type of attachment. Most of the pendants are attached to the gift with a ribbon. However, if you have chosen a glass or a candle as a guest gift, so are also those pendants that are self-adhesive and can be easily glued.

Pendant for the wedding: Special Designs

Trailers for weddings are very important. They make guests happy and, so to say, thank them for having appeared at the wedding reception. It is a great keepsake for your guests on your wedding day. You can customize the pendants to match the design of the wedding invitations or choose your own design. It is especially important that the pendant fits the wedding and is not too big. Engrave on the pendant a thank you or as already mentioned the name of the guest. It is a very sweet gesture and the invited guests will be happy about it. Make sure that the material and the quality fit and meet your expectations. Typical elements of your design that you need to consider are:

-color game

Label the pendant yourself

Choose carefully the assortments. The bride and groom should agree. If you label the names of the guests themselves on the pendant, it would be nice if one of the bridal couple has a beautiful handwriting. If that’s not the case then you can ask the family or friends.

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